Let’s Run!


wanna share you a video that makes me feel kinda moved. Whenever I hear the song, I feel like a got some spirit, to do something good, and everything is possible. I don’t know, how about you?

This song brought by Epik High, a south korean indie hip hop group. It has three members; Mithra, the big one, Tablo the leader of this group, and DJ Tukutz. I don’t know weather DJ Tukutz is on the video clip or not. One thing for sure he does not sing. He’s the composer, whose made all the songs with Tablo, while Mithra made the lyrics also with Tablo.

Something from this video that a like the most is, when the boy is on his lowest point of his life, he keeps running and running to release all the bad feelings, so that he’ll someday feels much better. Maybe you all have experienced that kind of thing ( i believe you do), but you just can’t give up on that kind of situation, just let it go. And so you can get back on your feet, as soon as possible.

Hwaiting! 😀