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Knock Knock

Greetings on 2015! After six months of leaving the blog to dust, I finally made a visit.

What happened?

I don’t really know what to say but just to put it simply; I had this huge firey spirit to blog but then a hurricane of the Last Project in my college life came and burned it down.

I went insane and didn’t really have the will to write anymore for that time being. All I was doing were trying to do that project plus other college duties and finding time to refresh myself with other things but blogging.

First of all, let’s not forget to congratulate myself for the ten posts I’ve written on 2014! It’s getting less and less by year, wish that I could make a grand comeback someday…

Anyway, as for the resolution or goals that I want to achieve this year, I… not yet make it, but my number one dream is to graduate this semester! That’s all I really want right now, like, pretty please.

In the next posts you’ll see my usual lists which with this, is the second time around; Books and Dramas List.

Okay, bye!


When frustration hits


“If I can’t catch up then I should just probably eat ketchup instead”


Back when I was desperately trying to balance every single thing



cr: kalengkentang

cr: kalengkentang

cr: kalengkentang

cr: kalengkentang








Identical twins we have here!!!

These are posters that I made for final exam (thanks again to my sister for the help :’) @yangauliaa). I was contemplated between black or red as the background color, at the end I picked…..

Anyway, the poster is about Deindividuation. It’s a condition when you lose your sense of self by being in the crowd. In other words you can’t be identified. That way you’ll have more courage to do unimaginable things, than when you’re on your own.

The poster I made depicted anonymity by having people in masks and in similar outfits. It makes them hard to recognize. They feel hidden, and ‘safe’ to do just anything. For example, vandalism, as in the poster, to draw graffiti on public places.

Another example could be by being online. Cyberspace. Such huge crowd, isn’t it? That’s why we often heard many cases such as cyberbullying, or just ordinary people we know being mean online, etc.

Self Talk


Taken from my personal notes, haha. One of the thing that I usually do. So often that it becomes a habit: To reflect upon myself. This is addressed to me, but I think it’ll be okay to share once in a while 😉

Memang ya, menyampaikan apa yang ada dalam diri kepada orang lain membutuhkan keberanian. Bertahun-tahun aku menulis di buku harian, tidak ada artinya saat harus menulis untuk dibaca oleh orang banyak.

Semakin besar semakin sadar akan batasan-batasan. Apa yang bisa disampaikan dan apa yang sebaiknya disimpan sendiri. Mungkin jika aku menulis blog saat masih anak-anak, yang ditulis akan lebih gamblang, tidak ada yang ditutup-tutupi. Tapi sayangnya tidak (untungnya?).

Saat dewasa, rasa takut semakin besar. Kesadaran akan bahaya semakin tajam. Memang mungkin akan muncul reaksi yang tidak menyenangkan saat kita membuka diri. Mungkin orang lain akan menolak kita, menutup pintunya, menyatakan ketidaksukaannya. Tapi kemunculan itu akan sama besar kemungkinannya dengan muncul orang-orang yang merasa senang, menyambut dan membuka pintu mereka, juga orang-orang yang berkata “Akhirnya kamu datang juga”

(Jangan lari dari takdirmu sendiri, Ai – Detective Conan)

Lari, sembunyi, memang terasa lebih mudah. Kamu tidak perlu berhadapan dengan kemungkinan-kemungkinan itu. Yang kamu hadapi hanya dirimu, orang-orang yang sudah kamu kenal baik, dan kenyataan.

Ya, kenyataan.

Kenyataan bahwa kamu akan merasa takut selamanya. Bahwa kamu sebenarnya kesepian. Karena tidak pernah mau mencoba membuka dan melangkah keluar, yang kamu tahu hanya rasa takut ditolak, tidak disukai. Padahal mungkin rasa takut itu akan berganti dengan rasa lega, rasa bangga dan bahagia.

Kan kubilang, kemungkinannya sama besar.

Bersembunyi dari kemungkinan keduanya. Kemudian berlindung pada ilusi bahwa kamu tidak apa-apa sendirian. Lebih baik sendirian

(Tidak ada orang yang suka menyendiri – The Extra Kobayashi)

Benar. Tidak ada. Termasuk kamu, kan?

Ingatlah bahwa penolakan itu hanya masalah kecocokkan. Kamu akan diterima, pada akhirnya, oleh orang-orang yang benar-benar menyukaimu karena merasa cocok denganmu. Dan itu berarti tidak semua orang bisa menerimamu, sama dengan kamu yang tidak bisa selalu cocok dengan semua orang.

Buka saja pintunya. Ceritakan pada dunia kisah hidupmu. Sebenarnya hidupmu tidak perlu terlalu dirahasiakan kok, kecuali kamu buronan. Tidak perlu menunggu sampai mati untuk menceritakan kisahmu pada orang lain.

Biar saja apapun yang mau orang lain katakan tentangmu, karena sebetulnya mereka lebih banyak berpikir tentang diri mereka kok. Sama seperti kamu yang sering cemas memikirkan apa yang orang lain pikir tentang kamu, mereka juga begitu.

Jadi, tenang saja 🙂

18/2/13 12.00 AM

Next Innovation!!


Yes! Second review of 2014. This is one of the most recent drama that I watched, probably like a month ago. Wow, It’s actually rare for me to write a drama review not long after I finished it haha.

Imagine there are two people coming from different sides: The one at the top and one who is about to climb the stairs.

are you talking about us

Looking from atop is a successful young guy, Hyuga Toru. The president of worth-3-billion-dollar IT company; Next Innovation. He’s a genius, which explains why he’s quite unconventional. Taking workplace as his play land, he goes to work in casual shirt, bursting ideas everywhere, working in a light speed, and encourage people to do the same. But, he has some issue on remembering the name of people.

One reaching from under is Sawaki Chihiro, a bright Tokyo University’s student in her last year. She’s got photographic memory and an enthusiastic character to boot, yet, she finds it hard to get a job. These two meet when Next Innovation is opening opportunity for people to be part of this rising venture. Actually, like many other times before, Chihiro failed right away, this time because she doesn’t have at least 2 offers from any company. But, somehow, she managed to get Toru’s interest and able to work there, although for temporary, and from then on the story begins.

With that premise to offer, what do you think the title would be? Well, turns out it’s Rich Man, Poor Woman. yeah.

The title is unjustified. It is a fact that there are rich man and poor woman in the drama, but it’s totally not the main point that it deserves to be the title. Back in 2012 when I first saw the title, I decided that I’m not going to watch it since I thought it’s a typical Cinderella story, where the rich mother disagrees of the couple and all the I’m-gonna-pay-you-so-leave-my-son thing. NOPE. Material possession is not the matter here.

Anyway, the story is so much more than just a Cinderella story. It’s more about struggle, taking risks, friendship, betrayal, trust aaand romance. The story is built around the company and all its ups and downs. Hyuga drop out of high school to made his own company, but he’s not alone, together with new-found (more like the only, lol) friend, Asahina, they build Next Innovation from scratch.


how it evolves

It’s instantly become one of my favorite, I don’t watch many of Jdrama’s romcom to be honest, so for my once in a while thing become so fun, I can’t thank this drama enough. I love the casts. The chemistry between the leads is killing me. This couple is growing into one that screams adorable! The not-so-genius in social skills, Hyuga, matches well with the lovable Chihiro. But not just them, I love other characters as well. From the business-mind of company, Asahina to the two best buddies of Chihiro, who albeit only appear for certain minutes in some episodes, complete the whole story.

I love the bromance between Toru and Asahina, although their friendship put into attest in the middle but I take it as if the family member makes mistake so the only way to go is to welcome them back. I also love the three musketeers of NI, they’re the true innovative engineers! I genuinely enjoyed the roller coaster of emotions this drama brings.


The three musketeers!

The Next Innovation story doesn’t bore me at all, instead I enjoy every crisis of it. In most of drama using company as set up, I’ll be like, hoping that it will soon shifted into the other part of the story, like it’s not important and all. But, not with this one, we’re involved in every happening that of Next Innovation. I seriously like it, even thinking that it would be great experience, to work there. NI is reminded me of company such as Google or Apple, that put creativity and innovation as the top priority. From the fun workplace (especially, the Wall of Fame!), encouraging atmosphere, eccentric president, to the projects they bring. They make impossible, possible. As amazing as it sounds, it’s still realistic though, I can see it happening in recent era.


please watch it

This is a kind of drama that I would like to watch over and over again. I can go back for the romance, or for the venture’s story, or any other tiny bits of it. I was really happy when I found out, it has a drama special in New York! Moreover it’s just as good as the drama! Fulfilling the needs of more story to the couple. It’s a must-watch!

Book Report: Ranah 3 Warna


Memutuskan untuk mengambil book report yang kedua, dengan sedikit suntingan agar lebih indah. Ternyata ini merupakan book report yang pertama kali ditulis.

“Man Shabara Zafira”: Siapa yang bersabar akan beruntung.

Buku ini merupakan buku ke-2 dari trilogi Negeri 5 Menara. I really like it as much as the first one if not more. sebelumnya, mantra mujarabnya itu ‘Man Jadda wa Jada” Siapa yang bersungguh-sungguh akan berhasil. Nah, ternyata, kesungguhan itu tidak cukup. Di antara usaha dan keberhasilan ada jembatan yang bernama sabar. Karena tidak semua usaha kita bisa mulus dan sukses, kita perlu kesabaran untuk bertahan. Sabar itu berarti percaya pada Allah SWT, bahwa Ia tahu yang terbaik untuk kita, bahwa setelah kesulitan ada kemudahan.

Setelah membahas kehidupan Alif sebagai santri, buku ini memusatkan ke kehidupan Alif sesungguhnya selepas dari pondok. Alif lebih dihadapkan pada kenyataan hidup dan ujian yang lebih berat dari sekadar ujian sekolah.

Kepedihan dan perjuangan Alif menghadapi semua itu benar-benar dapat dirasakan. Rasanya benar-benar terbawa dalam ceritanya. Saat Alif kesal karena diremehkan, saat ia penat belajar, saat ia berhasil membuktikan, juga saat Alif benar-benar berada di titik terendahnya T_T. Yang mengagumkan, Alif menerapkan segala yang pernah ia dapatkan di Pondok Madani. Alif tidak lupa semua nasehatnya. Mental pondoknya itu yang inspirasional. Jadi ikut bangga saat usaha keras dan sabarnya membuahkan hasil. Perasaan kayak ‘he deserves it’ itu berkali-kali muncul 🙂 Rasanya jadi pengen sekolahin anak ke Pondok ‘Madani’ haha.

Lagi-lagi rasanya seperti membaca jurnal pribadi Alif. Dari situ bisa terlihat kalau Alif itu  manusiawi sekali. Alif bukan manusia sempurna yang selalu baik. Ada saat-saat dia iri, lelah, buruk sangka, bahkan malas. Tapi pribadinya yang selalu reflektif yang membuat dia menjadi lebih baik. Itu yang mly pribadi sukai dari Alif.

Ranah 3 Warna adalah buku sambungan kisah Alif yang menarik dan inspirasional!

“Man Shabara Zafira!”

12/7/13 09.40 PM

Play with the family


After ages I finally am writing a drama review. (Haha it happened to be the last review that I wrote is exactly a year ago!) Seriously, not just a glimpse of dialogues or little quotes, but real review. As I was really confused to decide from piles of dramas that I watched, I asked my sister to randomly chose a number from the list and number 74 turned out to be this drama! So let’s just begin.

Kazoku Game or Family Game is a family drama that has a taste of dark comedy. It started with a scene of a guy screaming in the middle of nowhere with blooded hands (just to remind you this isn’t gonna be the last time you see it) then it abruptly adverted to a family in a living room.

Here, an ideal family of four is having a little problem with the youngest son, Numata Shigeyuki. He refuses to come to school and also has really bad grades as the side (main) problem. The parents who have a high expectation on their kids (no underachiever is allowed) decides to call a private tutor to help in solving the case. That private tutor is the screaming guy earlier, which the name is Yoshimoto Koya (Sakurai Sho). Numata Kazuhige, the father, challenges Koya to make Shigeyuki come back to school in a week with a 100.000 yen as bonus. Koya undoubtedly agrees but under one condition: none of the family members should interfere with whatever methods he will use on Shigeyuki (don’t resort to violence! mom said. HAHAH sure)

Relax, mother

Relax, mother

If you think this is only about an eccentric tutor who helps his student get through his school and being all inspirational, then you’re kind of wrong (it’s FAMILY Game for god sake). The focus of the drama is not only on the youngest. And Koya is more than just a mere private tutor as well. As the dramas went we can see where actually the core problem lays; the family itself. The so called perfect family is actually crumbling inside. From the father who seems to forget his role, the mother who is more concerned of neighbors’ words, and big brother who pretends to care. It doesn’t even take a Koya to tell how this family is never a perfect one. Koya only reminds them of how their family has actually lost its meaning long time ago.

Father and Shinichi

Father and Shinichi

The way Koya act as a tutor is more like an intervention goes unnoticed. Nobody realizes that they are being the target of intervention except the older brother, Numata Shinichi (Kamiki Ryunosuke). He’s the only one who seek through this weird and mysterious tutor. As much as to his knowledge though, he actually doesn’t realize how he becomes the puppet of the tutor’s game as well. It’s understandable why that Koya said that they shouldn’t interfere with his methods, since it’s, well, unusual. Even, sometimes, I really couldn’t tell whether the tutor is just plain crazy or he really has plans, lol.

right, Shinichi?

right, Shinichi?

This is one of the dramas which I picked because of the actors, haha. Name it Kamiki Ryunosuke and Sakurai Sho. Bias aside, this drama is really interesting (Koya would say ‘iii nee’-it’s good), surely my kind of favorite type (psychological thriller ftw!). It was originally adapted from a novel by Honma Yohei and was already made into a movie back in 1983. These previous creations were award winning ones and fortunately the drama lived up to expectation as well. It had me shocked with its unpredictable twists. I found myself laughing out of creep and disbelief of what happened in the drama. Every time I finished an episode the soundtrack of the drama would linger in my mind, leaving me in curiosity.

To assure you, there are scenes like this too. It really is a family drama Usual morning routines

There are scenes like this too, so don’t worry it’s still family drama afterall

This drama is a portrayal of reality and that’s why it could be uncomfortable to watch. But, I mostly looove family drama and this would probably be my favorite one (on the side of dark family kind of drama, lol) I like how it kept me questioning what’ s gonna happen next and what is the real intention of this Koya guy. The relationships between Koya and each of the family members are so lovely hahah don’t know if that’s the right word to describe it, but I enjoyed it. And the main message that I could remember is about change. You may do everything you can to make a person change but at the end of the day is that person who would choose to change or not. And you’ve got to take action yourself if you really want revolution happens to you. Don’t just sit and watch things go by, while you actually have power to do something.