Mandatory post


I promise I will change. This blog will change for the better.

How does it feel to start a post with a promise? It may sound not as familiar as it sounds to you than to me. I have said this to myself ever since forever. I want to be a regular blogger who can update consistently; be it monthly, weekly or even better, daily. I used to make a thorough plan on how to do that. I tried to make my blog an inspirational place for people who drop by. The dreams remain the same, and I’m also still more or less, the same. The same lazy ass person who do anything but accomplishing her dreams. But, okay. I’m writing this here not just to complain and continuing on self-hate speech. I really want to change, to make this blog alive again. But, before anything, I need to write this mandatory post. At least, I need to keep the routines going, right?

May I start?

After a year of running away from this blog, I’m going to post my dramas list of 2015 (how 2000 and late). Seems like on this year, I tried to keep up with the trends by watching pretty recent dramas, as far as 2012 and even on the same year as it aired; 2015. My favorite drama of the year is Twenty Again. It was a clean story with clean ending. Nothing goes too fast or too slow, and the main character is progressing really nicely. The other favorites are Risou no Musuko, N no Tameni and Angry Mom! Unfortunately I didn’t write any reviews out of these. Oh, I finally got to watch the famous Chun SeonYi drama, it was indeed, as worth as it sounds, a legendary and full-of-meme kind of drama; my faves too.

Dramas I’ve watched in 2015

  1. Pinocchio (2014) – Kdrama
  2. Healer (2014) – Kdrama
  3. Keizoku 2: SPEC Zero (2013) – Jdrama
  4. Kogure Sashinkan (2013) – Jdrama
  5. Blackboard SP: Yume (2012) – Jdrama
  6. Gakkou no Kaidan (2015) – Jdrama
  7. Risou no Musuko (2013) – Jdrama
  8. The Girl Who Sees Smell (2013) – Kdrama
  9. Nobunaga Concerto (2014) – Jdrama
  10. N no Tameni (2014) – Jdrama
  11. Mother Game (2015) – Jdrama
  12. Oh My Ghost (2015) – Kdrama
  13. You Who Came From Star (2014) – Kdrama
  14. Virtual Bride (2015) – Kdrama
  15. D-Day (2015) – Kdrama
  16. Twenty Again (2015) – Kdrama
  17. Angry Mom (2015) – Kdrama

Dramaland of 2014


The other next post is here! It has more number than last year, with the equal amount of Japanese and Korean dramas. But I gotta admit that almost half of it comes from drama special, which usually has less than five episodes (just one even) so I could take more titles. Anyhow it’s still called drama so I didn’t lie! :O I can’t believe that those dramas below was watched in 2014, it feels like ages go.

So, last year I found some dramas that become my favorites, the number one spot is Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo! ❤ I was obsessed with it that I watched it twice in a row, even once more while I was doing assignments. The other favorites are I Hear Your Voice (packaged with the soundtracks), Nobuta wo Produce, Hana Kimi, Rich Man Poor Woman, Soratobu Kohoushitsu and Misaeng. Wow I thought there’ll be only three haha. The rest are fine too though. What’s cool is I’ve made a drama review from this list! A little progress always welcome. And I finally watched top and popular old dramas, like Hana Kimi (I watched the remake), Nobuta wo Produce, and Kurosagi. I agree that those are all-time favorite kind of dramas.  For this year I only hope that I can still watch them in my leisure times, not specific number (like ever lol), oh I need to watch Itazura na Kiss 2! I’m holding back since it’s not yet completed. I’ll probably try to watch popular Kdramas or just follow my mood as usual~

  1. Ma boy (2012) – Kdrama
  2. Pretty Man (2013) – Kdrama
  3. I Hear Your Voice (2013) – Kdrama
  4. Prime Minister and I (2014) – Kdrama
  5. Their Perfect Day (2013) – Kdrama
  6. Beyond The Clouds (2014) – Kdrama
  7. Happy Rose Day (2013) – Kdrama
  8. Puberty Medley (2013) – Kdrama
  9. Just an Ordinary Love Story (2012) – Kdrama
  10. Boku no Ita Jikan (2014) – Jdrama
  11. Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo (2013)  – Jdrama
  12. Lost Days (2014) – Jdrama
  13. Kasuka na Kanojo (2013) – Jdrama
  14. Nobuta wo Produce (2005) – Jdrama
  15. Hanazakari no kimitachi e (2007) – Jdrama
  16. Kurosagi (2006) – Jdrama
  17. Rich Man Poor Woman (2012) – Jdrama
  18. Rich Man Poor Woman SP (2013) – Jdrama
  19. Soratobu Kouhoushitsu (2013) – Jdrama
  20. Jungle Fish 2 (2010) – Kdrama
  21. Itazura na Kiss SP Love in Okinawa (2014) – Jdrama
  22. Misaeng (2014) – Kdrama

Dramas on my 2013 list


And now here is the list of dramas I watched in 2013! It started with Korean and we’ve got  Japanese in the middle then ended safely in Korean again. The battle is pretty tight but in the end Jdrama still won. I was happy that I could finally watched dramas that had been the talk of the town, like School 2013 and Reply 1997. As for Jdrama, among the list my favorites would be Kazoku Game and Akai Ito! I planned to write the reviews but yeah, let’s just see if it’d happen or not lol. All the dramas here have its own charm and to add that it has different genres so my liking toward each of them are varied as well. Comparing to last year (2012) I watched a lot less drama this year, but at the same time I read more books so is that a good thing or not? haha 😀

Guess from which drama is this? much luck if you can read hangul

Guess from which drama is this? much luck if you can read hangul


  1. Flower Boy Next Door (2013) – Korean Drama
  2. Dragon Zakura (2005) – Japanese Drama
  3. Propose Kyodai (2011) – Japanese Drama
  4. Gokusen 2 (2005) – Japanese Drama
  5. Kazoku Game (2013) – Japanese Drama
  6. School 2013 (2013) – Korean Drama
  7. Reply 1997 (2012) – Korean Drama
  8. Nobunaga no Chef (2013) – Japanese Drama
  9. Detective Conan Live Action (2011) – Japanese Drama
  10. Akai Ito (2008) – Japanese Drama
  11. Otomen (2009) – Japanese Drama
  12. Innocent Love (2008) – Japanese Drama
  13. Good Doctor (2013) – Korean Drama
  14. Secret (2013) -Korean Drama
  15. Suspicious Housekeeper (2013) – Korean Drama
  16. Marry Him If You Dare (2013) – Korean Drama

Goal Keeper


“Which position is the only unique position in any singular soccer team? Correct answer: The goal keeper. You’d think they’d  be good since they’re the only ones using their hands, right? But actually it’s not a good thing. They’re always in the state of nervousness that someone may shoot a goal and they have to protect the goal all by themselves. So it’s lonely, and mostly difficult. And, you’re a goal keeper. I know it’s a very difficult position, stay strong!”

(Enrique Geum to Go Dokmi)

Broke up Today


Let’s go back with music time machine. Here, three years ago, a sad love song from Younha was released. I wasn’t really familiar with kpop mvs that time, this maybe the first sad love mvs I saw from a solo kpop artist.

I like the song after the mv, it’s like a mini korean drama. The relationship between the three, is somehow sad, well, maybe just for the girl’s best friend.

I made something out of the mv with my mediocre drawing skills. I gave it away actually, but I scanned the pictures for the sake of my memory. (:

Birthday scenes

Birthday scenes

Seeing these pictures bring so much memories of my high school years, the time when drawing was my way to deal with stress from school stuffs. I drew everywhere, every time, and this MV became one of my inspiration to draw that time. I was touched and maybe like it so much, that I wanted to make my own version of the creation. (:

The remakes end here


This is the last remake a.k.a the Korean version of Itazura na Kiss. I watched that drama! I was in junior high school that time, and in love with the main character Naoki (Kashiwabara Takashi). ❤ ever since the news of this drama to be remake in Korean came out, I didn’t really pay attention to it. The only thing that acrossed my mind that time was the actor for Naoki should be as handsome. Even when the main role was decided, I still wasn’t interested. Then a year after the drama released and ended, I decided to watch it, Playful Kiss (장난스런 키스 / Jangnanseureon Kiss). The drama was airing on local tv, but to catch up from the first episode I watch it on youtube.

The beginning was not so captivating, the dream of forest spirit by the main female character, Oh Ha Ni (Jeong So Min). The story for sure is the same with InK. A not-so-good at school girl, Oh Ha Ni who is in love with the smartest kid at school, Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyeon Jung). Ha Ni is really not good in anything but big determination. She has no interest in anything except her ultimate prince, Seung Jo. In the opposite, Seung Jo is in the top class of the school, as cold as ice, very self-centered, and unfortunately, handsome. Ha Ni falls head over heels with him, despite the fact that she has been rejected by him when she confessed through letter. Since then, her existence to Seung Jo moves from the unknown to the annoying discovery.

In a school that use the ranking method for the classes, Ha Ni always be the center of humiliation, even from her juniors. Thank God, she has very loval friends to be by her side all the time, the chubby and brave, Ju Ri, and also, the skinny and calm, Min A. The friendship among the trio really shown in the drama, which makes it seem so real, and cute.

The twist of the drama starts when Ha Ni’s new house is broken because of a tiny earthquake. With no home to live in, an old friend of her dad, calling and asking them to just stay at his home. But, a touching reunion has to be crushed by the fact that the old friend is the parent of Baek Seung Jo. After stating that Ha Ni would never ask for Seung Jo’s hands, she has to, with all her might, eat the bitter pills and live room to room with her prince charming. But to know exactly what kind of person Seung Jo is, Ha Ni has to deal with the beginning of her miserable yet heart beating days.

I love Ha Ni, she is just too cute that she can’t be hated no matter how stupid her act is. The stupidity only makes her the sweetheart every mother wants, that will include Seung Jo’s mom. I am so liking this mom, she’s totally team Ha Ni. All the characters in this drama are likable, there’s no really antagonist in here -if Seung Jo doesn’t count-. The Baek family is complete with the mini Baek Seung Jo, a 10-year-old boy who idolize his brother Baek Eun Jo. He underestimates Ha Ni, just like his brother motto –which becomes his motto as well- He hates stupid people. But the kind Ha Ni always takes him as a tease, she even thinks of him as cute little brother. In the end, Eun Jo is the one who actually helps Ha Ni makes her way through Seung Jo’s heart. The relationship between Eun Jo and his mom is really cute too ❤

The Oh family is as good as the Baek, with a little family noodle restaurant to take care. I even love the antagonist for Hani, Yun He Ra. Not only because it’s Lee Si Young, but also the character is actually cool, even though she’s the female version of Seungjo, she is really nice comparing to him. Oh, and there is also the male version of Ha Ni who adore Ha Ni so much, maybe as much as Ha Ni’s love for Seung Jo. This guy, Jun Gu, is really straightforward and funny. A country guy who excellent in cooking that always be there for Hani. 

The comedy was not going at the trash, I mean is not boring or predictable. The pace with 16 episodes is pretty fast and enjoyable. I like it enough to buy the original dvd. :] I have watched it third times now, haha. Although the drama didn’t receive much attention when it’s aired in Korea, the international popularity online helped this drama decided making the special episodes of Playful kiss on Youtube: 7 episodes of Youtube special edition and Seungjo’s diary also with 7 episodes. it was cute, and will satisfy the fans’ wish of seeing more of the couple in their marriage life. Happy watching! 🙂

I AM impressed


I finally watched I AM last week after a quiet struggling process on buying the tickets online, lol. Together with my sisters who have recent interest on kpop, we witnessed most of SMTOWN members on and off stages all in the packaged of movie named I AM.

I AM movie poster


The movie itself has made quiet a buzz before it’s released in Indonesia. It’s not only because this is SMTOWN members we are talking about whose appeared in it, but also the screening were only for three days, with pretty higher price than the usual movie ticket.

We decided to watch at Grand Indonesia. The studio was opened a little late which made a long line outside the studio, seemed like I wasn’t the only people who’s excited that night. I was really eager to watch this movie, after waiting for a month, I could finally see my lovely boys, SHINee and the rest of smtown members that I followed (I really am an SMtown stan, lol).

The hype was huge; it gave the vibe as in a concert, though it’s not all about on stage performance, which makes the movie even more interesting. The members who starred in I AM were Kangta (ex H.O.T), BoA, DBSK HoMin, Super Junior (excluded Hangeng, Kibum, Kangin and Heechul), Girls’ Generation, SHINee, F(x), and even EXO.

It began with SNSD’s Genie performance on SMTOWN concert in Madison Square NYC. It was really cool, as this was my first ever experience watching live stage performance on such a big screen and sound, but they’re also stunning like mad. People started screaming already (I could hear fan boys, lol). The whole movie contained many video footages from their auditions to their debut days, and to how they are now, performing on smtown concert in NYC, included the back stages. It was heartwarming yet funny to see all those smtown kids used to be. They were much younger and in a total opposite with they are now. Through all those footages we could really see how hard they’ve been working to be the world stars everybody loves, even in America, a place where they could only dream of being on the stage before but now even people on America’s street couldn’t help to not ask for their photos and autographs.

It was amazing to be able to see their journey to glory, which was definitely not easy. Passing the audition was only the beginning, it took years to finally make debut as kpop stars, and it’s not even a certain decision. They still have to wait and hope they could be the next artist to debut among tons of trainee in the academy. They’ve got to keep going, to survive and win against all other debutant artists, whether it’s junior or senior. Being a kpop star is a total suicide, I may say harshly. Dream is the only thing that can make them keep going, because they have to sacrifice their youth (as in doing what other teenagers or even kids usually do, like attend graduation ceremony or even hanging out) to be idols. They may have the least time to spend with family in such young age, with friends, or even with themselves.

It was crazily good. I AM has the glitz, the joy, the struggle, the hardworking, the tears, the proud. All in one movie. It’s, I guess, beyond my expectation. I was enjoying every moment of watching that movie while hoping that it wouldn’t have to end so soon.

I can totally relate on the part of dreaming. Should not stop before you succeed and get what you dreamed of so long, or, if you think your dream isn’t worth your while anymore, change it, find another dream to achieve. Just don’t stop dreaming, for that is the only thing that will keep you alive. Living your dream simply means that you are becoming somebody, the I AM that you wanna be, that you are destined to be.

So, be that I AM! 🙂