Super Digest Book


I don’t know what’s gotten into me when I finally decided to buy these comic books. I’ve been holding up on buying books that’s not on my list. I knew when I went to that particular bookstore, I wouldn’t find what I wanted to buy, but I needed to go there to exchange the money for public transportation fare. And the ending was as quite expected. I bought something totally out of list: a package of series of Detective Conan’s Super Digest Book.

I’ve been eyeing on this series actually, but they’re not on my top list of books-to-buy, since I have any other series as my priority. Also the price is more expensive than the usual comics which alone is already expensive. So, maybe later. I think there’s some force from the Conan marathon that I was doing that time. After the newest release of Conan, I wanted to reread (for the millionth time) the series all over again, because of that I have this Conan feels back, and Super Digest Book was like the perfect thing for what I felt at the moment.

Conan Super Digest Book

all series of Super Digest Book

This series is a must for Conan’s fans or Aoyama sensei’s works’ fans. First of all I love the gold cover! And after that  the content. It’s very rich of everything about Conan series. It has (so far that I know) four series. So, Aoyama sensei divided the series into 10 number each books. 10 plus for 1-10 series, 20 plus for 11-20, 30 plus for 21-30, and 40 plus for 31-40. Remembering that Conan has reached almost 80 series, Aoyama sensei should’ve made the next pluses. But I don’t know, will it be or not, since the last time he published the 40 plus was on 2006.

Super Digest Book contains every detail thing that will satisfy the curious needs of Conan fans. From the character guide, the story guide, the news about Beika citizen. It’s interesting how all the stories was told from the point of view of a Beika journalist. An outsider who has no idea that Conan and Sinichi is the same person. But sometimes, this journalist kind of know (?)….  Anyway, Aoyama sensei knows his works’ characters very well. As he can make anything out of them through something witty. For those who haven’t reread the Conan series (from the very first book) for a long time, may have a nostalgia train through this book. To see how different the drawings are earlier, and how each of the characters develop through time, it’s all very enjoyable

shining gold cover

shining gold cover

This book doesn’t only talk about the series, but how they’re made. To seek it from the very root, its creator; Gosho Aoyama. I can finally see the face of him! lol (which I know later that we can look up his face in google -_-) There are questions about his personal life, and basically his thoughts related Conan. How he made the characters, the idea of the tricks. I thought at first he’s pretty old, but  for a comic who has been in the industry for 27 years, I think it’s an appropriate age. In between there are also some tricky quiz, which are pretty fun and easy. Unfortunately, some of it needs the ability of Japanese T_T

The last but not least section, is fans section. I just knew by this, the Conan fans called, The Beika Irregulars. it’s taken from Sherlock’s Baker Street Irregulars (It’s very amusing how very Sherlock-ish, Conan series is (: I’ve just been reminded again). In here, there are messages, pictures, and funny ideas from the fans. Oh and another good thing is the color pages for posters and private gallery of Aoyama Sensei!

From the 10 plus to 40 plus my love for this book doesn’t decrease. I like it all. Seems like there will be no end of what to discuss about Detective Conan. it is literally everything. But even though I don’t mind, maybe, it will feel that the talk is in some point repetitive. My suggestion, buy all at once, it’s bundled here in Indonesia. 😉 I wish the 50 plus will come out soon. And keep going until the 80 plus.Viva Conan!




“Isn’t good at all depending on someone without giving your best shot. Especially Since we don’t know when our reliable sources will disappear”

(Jodie Starling – Detective Conan)

It is simply because it’s easier to do so. Relying on other people every time we face problems that we think we can’t handle. Having that thought in mind, is actually destructive. I know the feeling of comfort when we know there will always be that people on your side, who you can always count on, depend on. It’s exactly what I feel when I was a little. When I didn’t understand the lessons at school, especially math, I didn’t feel too much anxious. Reason why? My mom is an expert at those. I could always ask her at home if I don’t get this lesson. It’s an automatic thinking, I’ve got there. I don’t say it’s a bad thing, to have someone you can count on. But to like make use of that people to deal with your problems before you deal with it first, that’s bad. You will grow unaware of what you have to do to overcome those obstacles. Because it’s not you who take the lead, it’s someone else. Those problems you face is made especially for you. For you to be able to understand things and be stronger. Don’t underestimate yourself, your ability to cope with problems, to do many things. Trust me, when you really try on your own and give your best shot, you’ll be surprised at how great you are. Even till now I still am dumbfounded at things that I can do on my own (like, so I can do this myself, or hey it’s easy). Those abilities you have just need to be triggered, one of the ways is through problems, difficult things. So don’t give those chances to other people. who in their own turn, will get their own chances.


I stopped asking mom for homework ever since high school, at least until I’ve given my very best try on it. And even though it’s harder at first but it makes my life afterwards easier. I get used to do things on my own then. whenever I’m tempted to ask for help, I keep that thought in mind. That I actually can do it. That there must be a way to handle this thing, and at the end of the day, it does. I’m not saying that you always have to do everything on your own, because we are simply human. A sociable creature. We will eventually ask for other people hands, but we also are entrusted the potentials to do things independently. Trust yourself more to give that top-notch attempt. (:

The remakes end here


This is the last remake a.k.a the Korean version of Itazura na Kiss. I watched that drama! I was in junior high school that time, and in love with the main character Naoki (Kashiwabara Takashi). ❤ ever since the news of this drama to be remake in Korean came out, I didn’t really pay attention to it. The only thing that acrossed my mind that time was the actor for Naoki should be as handsome. Even when the main role was decided, I still wasn’t interested. Then a year after the drama released and ended, I decided to watch it, Playful Kiss (장난스런 키스 / Jangnanseureon Kiss). The drama was airing on local tv, but to catch up from the first episode I watch it on youtube.

The beginning was not so captivating, the dream of forest spirit by the main female character, Oh Ha Ni (Jeong So Min). The story for sure is the same with InK. A not-so-good at school girl, Oh Ha Ni who is in love with the smartest kid at school, Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyeon Jung). Ha Ni is really not good in anything but big determination. She has no interest in anything except her ultimate prince, Seung Jo. In the opposite, Seung Jo is in the top class of the school, as cold as ice, very self-centered, and unfortunately, handsome. Ha Ni falls head over heels with him, despite the fact that she has been rejected by him when she confessed through letter. Since then, her existence to Seung Jo moves from the unknown to the annoying discovery.

In a school that use the ranking method for the classes, Ha Ni always be the center of humiliation, even from her juniors. Thank God, she has very loval friends to be by her side all the time, the chubby and brave, Ju Ri, and also, the skinny and calm, Min A. The friendship among the trio really shown in the drama, which makes it seem so real, and cute.

The twist of the drama starts when Ha Ni’s new house is broken because of a tiny earthquake. With no home to live in, an old friend of her dad, calling and asking them to just stay at his home. But, a touching reunion has to be crushed by the fact that the old friend is the parent of Baek Seung Jo. After stating that Ha Ni would never ask for Seung Jo’s hands, she has to, with all her might, eat the bitter pills and live room to room with her prince charming. But to know exactly what kind of person Seung Jo is, Ha Ni has to deal with the beginning of her miserable yet heart beating days.

I love Ha Ni, she is just too cute that she can’t be hated no matter how stupid her act is. The stupidity only makes her the sweetheart every mother wants, that will include Seung Jo’s mom. I am so liking this mom, she’s totally team Ha Ni. All the characters in this drama are likable, there’s no really antagonist in here -if Seung Jo doesn’t count-. The Baek family is complete with the mini Baek Seung Jo, a 10-year-old boy who idolize his brother Baek Eun Jo. He underestimates Ha Ni, just like his brother motto –which becomes his motto as well- He hates stupid people. But the kind Ha Ni always takes him as a tease, she even thinks of him as cute little brother. In the end, Eun Jo is the one who actually helps Ha Ni makes her way through Seung Jo’s heart. The relationship between Eun Jo and his mom is really cute too ❤

The Oh family is as good as the Baek, with a little family noodle restaurant to take care. I even love the antagonist for Hani, Yun He Ra. Not only because it’s Lee Si Young, but also the character is actually cool, even though she’s the female version of Seungjo, she is really nice comparing to him. Oh, and there is also the male version of Ha Ni who adore Ha Ni so much, maybe as much as Ha Ni’s love for Seung Jo. This guy, Jun Gu, is really straightforward and funny. A country guy who excellent in cooking that always be there for Hani. 

The comedy was not going at the trash, I mean is not boring or predictable. The pace with 16 episodes is pretty fast and enjoyable. I like it enough to buy the original dvd. :] I have watched it third times now, haha. Although the drama didn’t receive much attention when it’s aired in Korea, the international popularity online helped this drama decided making the special episodes of Playful kiss on Youtube: 7 episodes of Youtube special edition and Seungjo’s diary also with 7 episodes. it was cute, and will satisfy the fans’ wish of seeing more of the couple in their marriage life. Happy watching! 🙂

Sasuga Sensei..


“Karena aku banyak maunya, jadi aku selalu ingin menyampaikan sebuah pesan yang mendalam dalam tiap cerita. Soalnya, manusia itu punya kebingungan, dan luka hati sendiri-sendiri. Dan aku akan sangat senang sekali kalau ada kata-kata atau adegan yang bisa menyuarakan perasaan hati kalian!”

Masami Morio

One of my favorite mangaka

taken from Love Chop ‘s comic corner

Reason why I want an older brother.


These words are taken from Yasuko to Kenji, a japanese drama that I’ve been watching till now. It’s a story of two siblings living their life while communicating each of their feelings.  In a set of a too protective older brother and a teenage little sister with a huge age gap in between. With no parents to take care, both of them looking after at each other with their daily problems.

I adore this older brother, Oki Kenji. He is so brave and have a strong love and care for his sister, Oki Yasuko. Despite his strict and temperamental side towards Yasuko, he’s actually a true gentle man. This time, I took a scene -maybe a spoiler here- when Yasuko’s crush (Tsubaki Jun) was going to study abroad because of his father’s request. Yasuko were told by his father to told Jun to just go when actually her heart is breaking inside. Kenji never approves of Yasuko liking Jun, but see how he does for his sister’s feeling’s sake.

“Youngster (Jun), it’s true that, Yasuko isn’t very smart, she isn’t a looker, and she makes eggs salty.

She is carefree, slow, and stubborn. I don’t know what to do with her.


She is a great woman. She is the world best woman.

She doesn’t care what pains she go through if it’s for the man she is in love with.

Just being able to meet you, has made her happy, she said, as she held back her tears.

That is why I can say that she’s the best woman!

You know, she is incomplete because she is fallen in love with you.

To Yasuko, having fallen in love with you has made her happy. Even though it’s painful, it’s the best thing in the world!

You answered, if you weren’t happy, I won’t forgive you.”

Oki Kenji may not be the perfect older brother everyone’s wanting to have, but he is absolutely doing his role as a brother with all his heart out. :’)

To be or not to be, love is already in the air


I have talked about this dorama before, if you keep in touch with this blog, you may know! B-) yes. yes. that’s right! It’s Yamanade!!

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. The story revolves around four popular college boys and one girl. You may think it’s some kind of typical for a Japanese drama, but not until you see how the girl looks like. It’s not ordinary girl, it’s Sadako-like girl. Let me remind you, Sadako is a popular ghost character from The Ring movie. Anyway, these four boys have different charms that makes them popular, the most popular one is Takano Kyohei, which makes him the main male character here. While the rest are Toyama Yukinojo, the cute one, Oda Takenaga, the calm and classy one, and Morii Ranmaru, the womanizer. 

These four boys live together in a big castle-like house that belongs to a single mother with one kid that also happen to be the Sadako girl’s Auntie. This landlord is very busy as she is a successful business woman. She travels all over the world almost all the time, leaving her child alone with the boys and Sadako girl. We actually watch the story from this 6-year-old son’s point of view, which the name is Takeru.

Nakahara Takeru

One day the owner, Mrs.Nakahara, has a surprising mission to these four boys. A mission that costs nothing but a free rent. They might be popular, but not all rich –unlike F4-. So, it’s very tempting to succeed the mission. But, they may think twice before they say yes when they know the mission is almost like impossible. They have to turn her niece, Sunako, into a lady (Yamato Nadeshiko: “personification of an idealized Japanese woman”). So, the journey begins.  

Through this mission they start to know the sadako girl, like how Sadako she is. She never talks to a male except her cousin. She likes to wear black robe, with her long hair falls down to her back. She likes scary stuffs. So scary that you may think she is a freak. Even her bed are made of coffin, she sleeps there every night. She is definitely a socially awkward even like sociophobic. She can’t take the beauty of a face from mostly all people in the world; she will scream “Mabushi!!” (Dazzling!!) and smack people with her head.

Only in the first day, these four boys already feel hopeless. Even so, for the free rent’s sake, they decided not to give up on this mission and start making plans to make it happen.

Popular foursome and Horror-girl Sunako

As the journey goes, the popular quartet find themselves changing within changing Sunako into lady. Kyohei who has pretty dark background because of his looks has to deal with the girl who actually suffer with the same reason. Through this mission, Kyohei and the rest of the boys get to know Sunako and are also able to know their own selves while trying to know Sunako. And from there, each of them start feeling more assured with the way they are. Like, it’s fine if Sunako doesn’t change into lady. That realization makes them rethink about changing Sunako into someone that is more acceptable by society. I think, they all are able to change because each of them never told any of them to change but to accept them for who they are. They trust each other and wait. 

This drama is taken from the same titled manga. So, the genre is really manga-like, with super overacting yet funny scenes. Even though I found the reason behind this sadako act are a little too dramatic, but well, the cruelty of society makes it acceptable enough. And I think the message this drama is trying to deliver is pretty well executed. The friendship that is built along the drama and maybe a little love spices are naturally enjoyable. As the theme song brings [LOVE YOURSELF – KAT-TUN], the main point is about Loving yourself, be happy of whoever you are. Because it’s just not as important, how other people thinks about you, as what you think about yourself. Looks don’t guarantee happiness. Because here, we have Kyohei who suffers of his stunning looks, and Sunako who shut herself in because she feels ugly. As long as you’re happy with yourself you should not bother about other people’s point of view. Accepting your true self will make you find possibility to change to your better selves. And it will also be easier for you to love others the way they are. 🙂 

What is to stop?


One Piece

I guess nothing will ever stop Luffy from trying to get what he wants. Even after he has been crushed, poisoned, hurt, and almost on the state of dying, He will just bounce back to fight for what he thinks is right, for everything he has put his heart on. And ultimately, for his brother, Ace.

Limit. That is what makes us stop sometimes. What is limit? Beyond our power, our ability to do things. We just can’t do it anymore. so we decide to stop. we put out the limit. Limit ourself from doing more. fight more. try more.

A man with huge will. A man with a crazy mental strength. See how strong the mind of self works. Mind to conquer the world and heart to win friends and family. Luffy is cool like that! ❤