Hey this is Melly speaking. On my writings you’ll see a lot of ‘mly’ that referred to my name, so don’t be confused, okay?

Welcome to my blog! I really appreciate you guys who wanna read my blog, comments would be my pleasure 🙂

This is just a small blog that contains a looot of things which is related to Korea and Japan (as you can see on the tags). Well, I love both of that things. Do you? If yes, we have something in common then.

You’ll read drama and movie reviews, from my point of view. Don’t take it too seriously, those are just my opinions, after all. Freely write out your opinions, im an open minded, critics will take me higher (hopefully).

So Hello again, thanks for reading this unimportant post. See you in another post of mine! 😉

Anyway BTP means Behind The Posts fufufu :3  You can visit this too if you want –> @yasminmellyna on twitter! ^^


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