Mandatory post

I promise I will change. This blog will change for the better.

How does it feel to start a post with a promise? It may sound not as familiar as it sounds to you than to me. I have said this to myself ever since forever. I want to be a regular blogger who can update consistently; be it monthly, weekly or even better, daily. I used to make a thorough plan on how to do that. I tried to make my blog an inspirational place for people who drop by. The dreams remain the same, and I’m also still more or less, the same. The same lazy ass person who do anything but accomplishing her dreams. But, okay. I’m writing this here not just to complain and continuing on self-hate speech. I really want to change, to make this blog alive again. But, before anything, I need to write this mandatory post. At least, I need to keep the routines going, right?

May I start?

After a year of running away from this blog, I’m going to post my dramas list of 2015 (how 2000 and late). Seems like on this year, I tried to keep up with the trends by watching pretty recent dramas, as far as 2012 and even on the same year as it aired; 2015. My favorite drama of the year is Twenty Again. It was a clean story with clean ending. Nothing goes too fast or too slow, and the main character is progressing really nicely. The other favorites are Risou no Musuko, N no Tameni and Angry Mom! Unfortunately I didn’t write any reviews out of these. Oh, I finally got to watch the famous Chun SeonYi drama, it was indeed, as worth as it sounds, a legendary and full-of-meme kind of drama; my faves too.

Dramas I’ve watched in 2015

  1. Pinocchio (2014) – Kdrama
  2. Healer (2014) – Kdrama
  3. Keizoku 2: SPEC Zero (2013) – Jdrama
  4. Kogure Sashinkan (2013) – Jdrama
  5. Blackboard SP: Yume (2012) – Jdrama
  6. Gakkou no Kaidan (2015) – Jdrama
  7. Risou no Musuko (2013) – Jdrama
  8. The Girl Who Sees Smell (2013) – Kdrama
  9. Nobunaga Concerto (2014) – Jdrama
  10. N no Tameni (2014) – Jdrama
  11. Mother Game (2015) – Jdrama
  12. Oh My Ghost (2015) – Kdrama
  13. You Who Came From Star (2014) – Kdrama
  14. Virtual Bride (2015) – Kdrama
  15. D-Day (2015) – Kdrama
  16. Twenty Again (2015) – Kdrama
  17. Angry Mom (2015) – Kdrama

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