Next Innovation!!

Yes! Second review of 2014. This is one of the most recent drama that I watched, probably like a month ago. Wow, It’s actually rare for me to write a drama review not long after I finished it haha.

Imagine there are two people coming from different sides: The one at the top and one who is about to climb the stairs.

are you talking about us

Looking from atop is a successful young guy, Hyuga Toru. The president of worth-3-billion-dollar IT company; Next Innovation. He’s a genius, which explains why he’s quite unconventional. Taking workplace as his play land, he goes to work in casual shirt, bursting ideas everywhere, working in a light speed, and encourage people to do the same. But, he has some issue on remembering the name of people.

One reaching from under is Sawaki Chihiro, a bright Tokyo University’s student in her last year. She’s got photographic memory and an enthusiastic character to boot, yet, she finds it hard to get a job. These two meet when Next Innovation is opening opportunity for people to be part of this rising venture. Actually, like many other times before, Chihiro failed right away, this time because she doesn’t have at least 2 offers from any company. But, somehow, she managed to get Toru’s interest and able to work there, although for temporary, and from then on the story begins.

With that premise to offer, what do you think the title would be? Well, turns out it’s Rich Man, Poor Woman. yeah.

The title is unjustified. It is a fact that there are rich man and poor woman in the drama, but it’s totally not the main point that it deserves to be the title. Back in 2012 when I first saw the title, I decided that I’m not going to watch it since I thought it’s a typical Cinderella story, where the rich mother disagrees of the couple and all the I’m-gonna-pay-you-so-leave-my-son thing. NOPE. Material possession is not the matter here.

Anyway, the story is so much more than just a Cinderella story. It’s more about struggle, taking risks, friendship, betrayal, trust aaand romance. The story is built around the company and all its ups and downs. Hyuga drop out of high school to made his own company, but he’s not alone, together with new-found (more like the only, lol) friend, Asahina, they build Next Innovation from scratch.


how it evolves

It’s instantly become one of my favorite, I don’t watch many of Jdrama’s romcom to be honest, so for my once in a while thing become so fun, I can’t thank this drama enough. I love the casts. The chemistry between the leads is killing me. This couple is growing into one that screams adorable! The not-so-genius in social skills, Hyuga, matches well with the lovable Chihiro. But not just them, I love other characters as well. From the business-mind of company, Asahina to the two best buddies of Chihiro, who albeit only appear for certain minutes in some episodes, complete the whole story.

I love the bromance between Toru and Asahina, although their friendship put into attest in the middle but I take it as if the family member makes mistake so the only way to go is to welcome them back. I also love the three musketeers of NI, they’re the true innovative engineers! I genuinely enjoyed the roller coaster of emotions this drama brings.


The three musketeers!

The Next Innovation story doesn’t bore me at all, instead I enjoy every crisis of it. In most of drama using company as set up, I’ll be like, hoping that it will soon shifted into the other part of the story, like it’s not important and all. But, not with this one, we’re involved in every happening that of Next Innovation. I seriously like it, even thinking that it would be great experience, to work there. NI is reminded me of company such as Google or Apple, that put creativity and innovation as the top priority. From the fun workplace (especially, the Wall of Fame!), encouraging atmosphere, eccentric president, to the projects they bring. They make impossible, possible. As amazing as it sounds, it’s still realistic though, I can see it happening in recent era.


please watch it

This is a kind of drama that I would like to watch over and over again. I can go back for the romance, or for the venture’s story, or any other tiny bits of it. I was really happy when I found out, it has a drama special in New York! Moreover it’s just as good as the drama! Fulfilling the needs of more story to the couple. It’s a must-watch!


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