Anxiety Disorder

If you were a psychology student like me you may be familiar with the picture that I’m posting below. A 3rd year student I am, has now learned about clinical psychology in my class. Some of the disorder names may have been heard by you through movies or serial TVs or possibly books.

cr: kalengkentang

cr: kalengkentang

It’s, as you can see there, Anxiety Disorder. A feeling of anxiety is normal for human, as we deal with a lot of things in life in a daily basis. But, it becomes a disorder when the amount of it is way out of proportion. Worry excessively about things that you shouldn’t be and is become bothersome to your life. That is what we call Anxiety disorder (and other symptoms that you should check in the holy book of clinical psychologist; DSM-V).

This is actually a group assignment; to make a flyer filled with the explanation of the disorder in a language that can be understood by common people. I got help from my sister (@yangauliaa) to draw the girl, and a little help on how to make the bubble (thanks a lot!).

I was having fun making this. I like the feeling of accomplishment when I finished it. I rarely use photoshop properly so it’s like a new thing to have it designed well like this. (although with help :p) Anyway, I hope through this flyer people can know more about what is Anxiety disorder, and learn it in a fun way!


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