Dramas on my 2013 list

And now here is the list of dramas I watched in 2013! It started with Korean and we’ve got  Japanese in the middle then ended safely in Korean again. The battle is pretty tight but in the end Jdrama still won. I was happy that I could finally watched dramas that had been the talk of the town, like School 2013 and Reply 1997. As for Jdrama, among the list my favorites would be Kazoku Game and Akai Ito! I planned to write the reviews but yeah, let’s just see if it’d happen or not lol. All the dramas here have its own charm and to add that it has different genres so my liking toward each of them are varied as well. Comparing to last year (2012) I watched a lot less drama this year, but at the same time I read more books so is that a good thing or not? haha 😀

Guess from which drama is this? much luck if you can read hangul

Guess from which drama is this? much luck if you can read hangul


  1. Flower Boy Next Door (2013) – Korean Drama
  2. Dragon Zakura (2005) – Japanese Drama
  3. Propose Kyodai (2011) – Japanese Drama
  4. Gokusen 2 (2005) – Japanese Drama
  5. Kazoku Game (2013) – Japanese Drama
  6. School 2013 (2013) – Korean Drama
  7. Reply 1997 (2012) – Korean Drama
  8. Nobunaga no Chef (2013) – Japanese Drama
  9. Detective Conan Live Action (2011) – Japanese Drama
  10. Akai Ito (2008) – Japanese Drama
  11. Otomen (2009) – Japanese Drama
  12. Innocent Love (2008) – Japanese Drama
  13. Good Doctor (2013) – Korean Drama
  14. Secret (2013) -Korean Drama
  15. Suspicious Housekeeper (2013) – Korean Drama
  16. Marry Him If You Dare (2013) – Korean Drama

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