I’m currently watching the third season of Gokusen. So, once again Yankumi became the teacher of the most rebellious class 3-D, now in Akadou high school. I like how the students are getting harder to handle each season. In season 3 they become more ignorant and the number one problem is they don’t have the solidarity like in the previous two 3-Ds. The two leaders in the class was about to fight one-on-one to decide who’s gonna lead the class from now on, with actually no real reason why they wanted to be the number one in the first place. Yankumi came in on time before they’re going to hit each other with a stick, no longer bare-handed. And there she said to both of them what is the purpose of real fight, which is not just about winning or losing.  

“Stop playing around. A one-on-one is supposed to be bare-handed”

“Weather bare-handed or armed, winning is all that matters in a fight”

“You didn’t stop us yesterday, did you? So why the hell are you stopping us now?”

“Because yesterday was bare-handed. Listen up. When you hit someone your own fists hurt right? If you feel that pain you shouldn’t want to hit someone with no good reason”

“We don’t need lecture on hitting someone. A fight is fought in order to win!”

“A fight is to protect those comrades and other things that are precious to you. Fighting just for yourself is meaningless.


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