Promise ring

Once I coincidentally watched this movie on TV named: Courageous (2011). This movie takes four police officers as the main roles, to pictures the point of view of a husband and father. You can find and watch the movie if you want to know the details. Anyway, I found this one scene stuck in my head, as I think this is a good way to explain to all daughters how fathers feel about their daddy’s little daughters growing up and getting married someday. So, shortly the father in this video, was kind of strict to his daughter when it comes to boys, he set rules and even confront the man who wants to date his daughter. Then, he may feel a little harsh to his daughter so he takes her to dinner to explains what he really thinks about it.

“Jade I brought you here because I want to tell you how grateful I am that God gave you to me. I see my daughter becoming a beautiful young woman, and I can understand how any young man would drawn to you. But I will also want you to know that as your father I want the very best for you. One day I’ll give you a way to another man, and I want that man to love God more than anything, because if he does then he’ll love you. And I know how young men think, they wanna win your heart, but they don’t know how to treasure it. So, I’d like to make an agreement with you. Jade, if you trust me with your heart, then allow me to prove any young men that desires to have more than a friendship with you, I promise to take care of you and give you my full blessing when God shows us the right one”

I think, it’s great to have this conversation with you father. you may already know and understand that all of it is just love, but to hear it directly form you father’s mouth will be different. I had this kind of talk too but not exactly, just enough to know that he actually cares and only want the very best for each of his daughters. I believe every father feel the same. I’ll always remember it whenever I feel agitated by his nagging haha.

love you, daddy <3.

yes yes yes.


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