Super Digest Book

I don’t know what’s gotten into me when I finally decided to buy these comic books. I’ve been holding up on buying books that’s not on my list. I knew when I went to that particular bookstore, I wouldn’t find what I wanted to buy, but I needed to go there to exchange the money for public transportation fare. And the ending was as quite expected. I bought something totally out of list: a package of series of Detective Conan’s Super Digest Book.

I’ve been eyeing on this series actually, but they’re not on my top list of books-to-buy, since I have any other series as my priority. Also the price is more expensive than the usual comics which alone is already expensive. So, maybe later. I think there’s some force from the Conan marathon that I was doing that time. After the newest release of Conan, I wanted to reread (for the millionth time) the series all over again, because of that I have this Conan feels back, and Super Digest Book was like the perfect thing for what I felt at the moment.

Conan Super Digest Book

all series of Super Digest Book

This series is a must for Conan’s fans or Aoyama sensei’s works’ fans. First of all I love the gold cover! And after that  the content. It’s very rich of everything about Conan series. It has (so far that I know) four series. So, Aoyama sensei divided the series into 10 number each books. 10 plus for 1-10 series, 20 plus for 11-20, 30 plus for 21-30, and 40 plus for 31-40. Remembering that Conan has reached almost 80 series, Aoyama sensei should’ve made the next pluses. But I don’t know, will it be or not, since the last time he published the 40 plus was on 2006.

Super Digest Book contains every detail thing that will satisfy the curious needs of Conan fans. From the character guide, the story guide, the news about Beika citizen. It’s interesting how all the stories was told from the point of view of a Beika journalist. An outsider who has no idea that Conan and Sinichi is the same person. But sometimes, this journalist kind of know (?)….  Anyway, Aoyama sensei knows his works’ characters very well. As he can make anything out of them through something witty. For those who haven’t reread the Conan series (from the very first book) for a long time, may have a nostalgia train through this book. To see how different the drawings are earlier, and how each of the characters develop through time, it’s all very enjoyable

shining gold cover

shining gold cover

This book doesn’t only talk about the series, but how they’re made. To seek it from the very root, its creator; Gosho Aoyama. I can finally see the face of him! lol (which I know later that we can look up his face in google -_-) There are questions about his personal life, and basically his thoughts related Conan. How he made the characters, the idea of the tricks. I thought at first he’s pretty old, but  for a comic who has been in the industry for 27 years, I think it’s an appropriate age. In between there are also some tricky quiz, which are pretty fun and easy. Unfortunately, some of it needs the ability of Japanese T_T

The last but not least section, is fans section. I just knew by this, the Conan fans called, The Beika Irregulars. it’s taken from Sherlock’s Baker Street Irregulars (It’s very amusing how very Sherlock-ish, Conan series is (: I’ve just been reminded again). In here, there are messages, pictures, and funny ideas from the fans. Oh and another good thing is the color pages for posters and private gallery of Aoyama Sensei!

From the 10 plus to 40 plus my love for this book doesn’t decrease. I like it all. Seems like there will be no end of what to discuss about Detective Conan. it is literally everything. But even though I don’t mind, maybe, it will feel that the talk is in some point repetitive. My suggestion, buy all at once, it’s bundled here in Indonesia. 😉 I wish the 50 plus will come out soon. And keep going until the 80 plus.Viva Conan!


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