“Isn’t good at all depending on someone without giving your best shot. Especially Since we don’t know when our reliable sources will disappear”

(Jodie Starling – Detective Conan)

It is simply because it’s easier to do so. Relying on other people every time we face problems that we think we can’t handle. Having that thought in mind, is actually destructive. I know the feeling of comfort when we know there will always be that people on your side, who you can always count on, depend on. It’s exactly what I feel when I was a little. When I didn’t understand the lessons at school, especially math, I didn’t feel too much anxious. Reason why? My mom is an expert at those. I could always ask her at home if I don’t get this lesson. It’s an automatic thinking, I’ve got there. I don’t say it’s a bad thing, to have someone you can count on. But to like make use of that people to deal with your problems before you deal with it first, that’s bad. You will grow unaware of what you have to do to overcome those obstacles. Because it’s not you who take the lead, it’s someone else. Those problems you face is made especially for you. For you to be able to understand things and be stronger. Don’t underestimate yourself, your ability to cope with problems, to do many things. Trust me, when you really try on your own and give your best shot, you’ll be surprised at how great you are. Even till now I still am dumbfounded at things that I can do on my own (like, so I can do this myself, or hey it’s easy). Those abilities you have just need to be triggered, one of the ways is through problems, difficult things. So don’t give those chances to other people. who in their own turn, will get their own chances.


I stopped asking mom for homework ever since high school, at least until I’ve given my very best try on it. And even though it’s harder at first but it makes my life afterwards easier. I get used to do things on my own then. whenever I’m tempted to ask for help, I keep that thought in mind. That I actually can do it. That there must be a way to handle this thing, and at the end of the day, it does. I’m not saying that you always have to do everything on your own, because we are simply human. A sociable creature. We will eventually ask for other people hands, but we also are entrusted the potentials to do things independently. Trust yourself more to give that top-notch attempt. (:

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