Zenkai Girl

“I will never give up or throw away any challenges. If I put my full effort into it, there isn’t anything I can’t do” (Ayukawa Wakaba)

Zenkai means full throttle or an easy way to say it, is full of ambition. This drama, tells about a girl who believes, ever since she’s little, that only those who work hard will be happy at the end of the day. She was born in the era where the world was being so nice and offered a very easy way to live. But instead of slacking around, she put all her effort in everything she does, even though sometimes it may not be needed. Her ultimate goal is to live in prosperity, with her eternal partner (who is as successful as she is), and without kids to take care. She hates children.

Wakaba (Aragaki Yui) comes from a very poor background. Her father is kinda retarded, and is easy to fool. He even had debt with loan shark. That’s what makes her want to work her hardest; to get out of that poor situation. She always wears red tracksuit, which still she wears when she’s an adult. One day, her father’s being kicked and humiliated by loan shark for not being able to pay them back on time. She was helpless because she’s just a little girl that time. But then she finds a law guide book in the garbage can near her house. She reads it and finds a way to make those loan sharks go away. I think, ever since that incident, she determines to become a lawyer. To help those people like her dad. But, at the same time, she holds a little shame towards her father. He was, in her eyes, embarrassing, for not being able to pay and instead, begging on his knees without any pride. So,  when she’s old enough, she decided to go to Tokyo and live alone, until is finally able to work in a prestige international law firm.

Red tracking suit girl

Red tracksuit girl

Her beliefs on money bring ultimate happiness, starts to crumble when she meets a single dad who works at a mini restaurant. This happens because of the mission she was given by her boss in the company. As a new employee in trial period she has a job to protect an intellectual property, which turns out to be the boss’ daughter. She has to be a sitter for her only child who is still in preschool, her name is Sakurakawa Hinata. Even though the job isn’t as she wished, she still don’t slack off and aim to do her best.

I thought I’d completely master the art of looking after children. Even if it’s only for three months, no matter what job it is, I will master whatever I take on perfectly” 

She meets (for the 2nd time) the single father, Yamada Shota (Nishikido Ryo) at the Mitsuba no Mori preschool. Shota is a Stay At Home Dad (SAHD) who is the best at it. He even runs a Papa Club with his single dad’s fellas for taking care of other kids after preschool hours. She dislikes him from the start, because he reminds her of what she wants to go away from so much; poor way of life, and stupidly kind. A father, who in her perspective, doesn’t want to develop the potentials and be a better living person. She really doesn’t like him, she even calls him pill bug (Insect who eats dirt). This man somehow resembles her retarded father that she ashamed of. This, when she starts to change slowly in the inside on how she sees the world.

Papa club members

Papa club members

It really is true, to say that you will still be given the same lesson in life if you haven’t learned from it. This happens to Wakaba, who still can’t understand why her father lives like that, and not chasing after money at all. With such tough childhood she went trough, I think, she chose to makes herself believes money is everything. She doesn’t want to believe in love, and doesn’t believe people can live happily by love only, and least money. So, god gives her the same lesson her father brings to her, through the man who is destined for her, the handsome single dad. Through the love she develops for this man, she starts to understand her father and be more accepting of the way he lives, and at the end the way she lives.



It’s not the best family drama I’ve watched, but is enjoyable. I especially love the nursery school scenes. It’s such a cute school, the classes, the routines, the values, the principal and his daughter, also the group of single fathers who alternately take care of each of their child. I like the couple of sweet kids here too! They are really really adorable, Hinata and Shota’s son, Pitaro (Pinata couple xD). They’re like the role model of honesty and courage for the lead couple. I may dislike Wakaba a little bit, but I don’t hate her, instead, I admire her. She’s so hardworking and don’t make any excuse to fail a task. And at the end of the day she’s willing to realize her feelings and change. No longer be a timid person. The same goes to Shota. This man is a little too underestimating himself, I guess. A little too accepting and dishonest to himself. Thanks to Wakaba he starts taking more challenges, and fight more for what he loves. Both of them are way more similar than they think they are. It’s kind of cute too, this couple 🙂 And I think this has to be said, Nishikido Ryo is such a natural dad! it’s as if Pitaro is his own son ❤ Afterall Zenkai Girl is indeed a heartwarming drama to watch. Glad that I chose this (:

see you next time!

see you next time!


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