Transformation of plastic

This time, let me share some sparks of creativity that I made late December 2012. Creativity project it is, was actually for the assignment of my creativity class. So, at the beginning of this class, the first time we attend this class, we’ve given a task of making something creative, with the deadline on the 12th meeting. It took me pretty long time to finally think about this assignment, until one day, maybe a month or so before the deadline, I decided to make this thing. Something that I used to make when I was a little: wait, I don’t even know the name.

Okay, so this thing I made was not originally my idea. I was taught to make it when I was in 1st grade by my teacher, Ms.Ami. I must love this creation so much that I kept making it at home, as soon as I was taught. Together with my sisters, I created this thing ever since and stopped doing it after junior high.

What is this thing you’re talking about?? (Please be calm and don’t be mad yet)

I made up a name just so you won’t be too curious (and impatient), this thing is called plastic flame. It’s kind of accessory. Originally it was a brooch, with abstract pattern and no clear shape. Since it’s a creativity project, I think, it’s a must to add some of my own creativity, my own idea to this thing. So, first, I changed it into other things but brooch-nowadays people don’t really wear it anymore, don’t you think?- What about necklace or bracelet or maybe earrings. Second, is about the main material of plastic flame. My teacher taught me by using an old and unused color markers. But, from my experience, I successfully made it from an old plastic comb. So, I thought all kind of plastic will do! The last thing is the shape, it used to be abstract, since it’s made on a spoon. To make it cuter and more likeable, I use a cookie mold to create a clear forms. :B

Okay, so now let’s go to the How to make this. First thing first. Prepare all the materials and tools that I’m about to mention.

Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials

  1. Main thing: All kind of plastic (color markers, pens, broken comb, bottle cap, tongue cleaner, etc)
  2. Water
  3. Nail
  4. Earrings
  5. Necklace
  6. Scissor

I forget to tell you before hand, plastic flame is easy to make, but maybe a little parental guidance if you’re under 10 for the use of fire and hammer.

Here is the step-by-step of making Plastic Flame!

  1. Put all the plastics on a cloth, and wrap it up neatly. Don’t let any of the plastics sticking out its bodies.
  2. [PG Caution] Use the hammer to break all the plastics into pieces. Use some strength, even though it’s plastic they’ll somehow mend the broken pretty well (or since it’s plastic?).
  3. When it’s shattered into big pieces, then you’re done. Use scissor to cut it into smaller ones. It will be prettier if it cuts tiny (just my opinion).
  4. Separate according to colors. The more the color the merrier. Start thinking about the design of your PF: the color combination and the shape.
  5. Fill the basin with water. Make sure, the basin will be able to rinse your paint peeler.
  6. Put the cookie mold on paint peeler. And then, put the pieces of chosen plastics in the paint peeler. Put it a lot, because it will melt down and be smaller (shrinking).
  7. [PG Caution] Now it’s time to burn something! Turn on the fire of the candle. And hold the paint peeler along with the cookie mold and plastic pieces, on top of the fire.
  8. Hold it well, until it melts down. Watch it closely. When it shrinks and ruins the shape, you can add the pieces again. It’s all you want; you will know on your own weather it looks beautiful or undone.
  9. Don’t forget to make a little hole with a nail on the top of your PF. That is for everything you want to insert, like necklace or earrings or whatever. You know accessory right?
  10. When you think it’s ready and thick enough, take it off from the fire, and then put it under water. It will make a hiss sound, and maybe cracks of burnt layer. Be careful not to stick the cracks on your PF. Because the blemish will not be gone.
  11. Shake off the cookie mold a little until it is off from the peeler. Then take your PF off from the cookie mold.
  12. There you go, your very own Plastic Flame!
  13. Now you can make it into whatever you want: necklace or earrings or if you’re still curious on making a brooch, you can add the pin when it’s melting.


The creativity is along the making. How you design your Plastic Flame that matters: The color combination, the shape. It all depends on your creativity to make it beautiful. Personally, I like the transparent color better, because you can see some kind of air bubble in there. It’s like sparkling. And I used to use the smooth side to show. But, now I prefer the rough side.

presents copy

outer-space inspired and purple-green

I hope you like the creation that I come up with. To my creativity project I presented two accessories: Transparent purple-green necklace, and outer space inspired earrings (my sister’s idea). I put it in a box that I modified myself, it’s from an old perfume box: Silky Girl, lol. The rest of Plastic Flames that I made together with my sister are these:


Plastic Flames

Making Plastic Flames are fun and at the same time pretty nostalgic. There used to be a burnt set of tools that I made for Plastic Flames, and a bag of unused color markers. I made it kinda regularly, that my mom allowed to give her couple of spoons and Tupperware (for the basin), lol. Thanks mom :’) Plastic Flame is simple yet pretty that it’s a decent thing for present (I think). It also uses unused stuffs at your home, so, it’s kind of doing a recycle. Find those stuffs and give it a try on making this Plastic Flame!

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