So… it’s 2013?

2012 was a year full of anxiety. Wait, is that a good thing? I guess yes, it just means I did things that made me stepped out of my comfort zone a lil bit, that’s what created anxiety. The feeling of responsibility was getting bigger, as I also turned 20.

Welcome 2013!

Welcome 2013!

Unfortunately, in 2012 I read less book than in 2011. I didn’t meet up the target, which is 50. Instead, I watched a lot more dramas that I can officially say, 2012 was the year of dramas for me. I hope that I can share those things that I got from what I watched soon.

This year, I will try to read more -if not the same- amount of books as to amount of dramas/movies. I agreed with my sister to put on new page of books list here, so we can motivate each other to read a loooot of books and take something from there. It’ll be even better if I can make a review out of it (remembering I never did it before).

I still want to watch more dramas in 2013, and this time, I want to share what I’ve watched even though I may not write its review. So, there I add up dramas list under the Directory page, together with the Books List. 🙂

As for the progress of my blog, there are more post than last year, even though still far from my target. I tried so hard to write review from piled of dramas that I watched, I managed to make just two. And there are two new categories; Psychology and Drawings. They’re still newbies, so the post were only a few.

Hopefully, in 2013 we all can reach our goals, do many different yet useful activities, and be a better and better person every day!

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