Trial-and-error Pancake

It’s been forever since the last I made a food post, don’t you think? Then, this will be the comeback of delicious story that especially presented to satisfy the demand of the category.

I made this months ago, right on fasting month which fell on August, to be exact, august 2nd 2012. This is a very simple cake, just like the others I’ve made before, that any of you can easily make it as well. Purposely to be a fast breaking snack for my family 🙂 It is, none other than mini pancake!  You can find the recipe anywhere haha but I personally got it from… mom? and some book I guess.

Dora Pancake

pail up cakes and ice cream

The recipe was being modified along the making, because at first it didn’t look like a pancake, you know, the airy feels. So mom suggested to add a baking soda. But, maybe because it was in hurry (the fast breaking time was coming closer!) the soda didn’t have a chance to bloom and showcase itself. It still gave a little impact though 🙂 The result was pretty good, and pretty much too (or too much? wait no worries, big eater is in the house; dad). Anyway, I felt so happy to broke my fast with the food that I made myself! Add an ice cream to it, is more delicious, using chocolate jam and cheese will also do.

ice cream toping

a serving

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