Broke up Today

Let’s go back with music time machine. Here, three years ago, a sad love song from Younha was released. I wasn’t really familiar with kpop mvs that time, this maybe the first sad love mvs I saw from a solo kpop artist.

I like the song after the mv, it’s like a mini korean drama. The relationship between the three, is somehow sad, well, maybe just for the girl’s best friend.

I made something out of the mv with my mediocre drawing skills. I gave it away actually, but I scanned the pictures for the sake of my memory. (:

Birthday scenes

Birthday scenes

Seeing these pictures bring so much memories of my high school years, the time when drawing was my way to deal with stress from school stuffs. I drew everywhere, every time, and this MV became one of my inspiration to draw that time. I was touched and maybe like it so much, that I wanted to make my own version of the creation. (:


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