Radiant Raid

The main reason why I watch this movie was because my cousin is responsible for the music scoring. The most phenomenal movie of the year I guess. The Raid or Serbuan Maut starring Iko Uwais, the martial arts actor who masters in Pencak Silat. This is an action type of movie.

from heads to toes

from heads to toes

It is from the beginning till it ends covered by punch and kick and all those moves of martial arts. Between the good and the bad. It was really really good, all of it looks real and amazing. It’s too much to handle for anyone I suppose, at least for me. Absolutely for those who is beyond 18 years old.

The story itself firstly took place in the houses of the good. Iko was seen kissing his pregnant wife before going to the ‘war’. Iko was one of the soldiers who has a mission to raid the quarters of their enemy. It was in an old flats. With only more or less 10 people in the group they walked in the building quietly until the spy boys of the enemy saw them and press the alarms. The thrill started here.

You may not be able to sit still throughout the movie, especially if you are a scaredy cat like me. Screams most likely to come out in some scenes. It was horrific yet marvelous, really intense. In the end, all the people in the theater can’t help to not clapping their hands. We are very proud of the production from our country. It’s indeed, an international standard movie.

Since my cousin was one of the crews, we still sat until the credits showed up, and when his name scrolling up we clapped and cheering for him. Our proud cousin in the most phenomenal movie of Indonesia this year! 😀

Hope to see more of great Indonesian movie like this one, any genre is good as long as the making is with all the heart on and original story. One to be put attention on is seriously, the audience. It’s definitely not a children movie. It will damage really bad if any kid watches this. I mean, even I was old enough to watch this, the effect is still pretty bad. Please, pretty please, don’t take your under aged kids to watch those movie that is not suitable for them.

Hopefully next years, high-quality Indonesian movies will raid the theaters brutally! 😀


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