Hari Buku Nasional (27/5/12)

It was a pretty different morning. I wake up early in the morning then going by public transportation to Bunderan HI. Having my very first Car free Day event. According to my sister’s office event, I went walking from Bunderan HI to Bunderan Bank Mandiri and going back again.

It was crowded. A lot of people were coming to that weekly event, with various kind of purposes. One of the purposes, that I was in, was Hari Buku Nasional. So, we did the campaign of books, with costumed shirt and hat (for free! :D). We gave stickers, brochures, pamphlets, and other souvenirs for people there.

Book day

Book day

First, the air was -pretty- good. Second, the campaign was definitely what I want to tell the world; how important the books are. You know, to have a special national day for book doesn’t mean that we only remember books on this one day, sometimes people misunderstand the meaning of special day of things. Because books are THAT important for us people, There is created the special day for it. Aiming to remind people of its valuable existence. And the last, it’s a first-time experience, which made it even more exciting!

Ow also in the end…. we got free coupon from McD! 😀 which then lead us to try the breakfast menu for the first time as well~~~

Spread the words!

Spread the words!

We kept some of the stickers for ourselves, and the souvenirs too haha. anyway, hopefully books can always be our favorite thing to keep, to learn from and not to forget, to increase our habitual reading.


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