I think I was happier

“Dulu aku membaca bergunung-gunung buku dan sudah menamatkan semua buku cerita di Kotak Kisah di sekolah. Aku juga sering ke perpustakaan dan punya koleksi buku, hampir lima puluh banyaknya, beberapa lumayan sulit, mirip buku orang dewasa. Tapi sekarang aku memilih berbagai buku yang benar-benar kekanak-kanakan, yang kubaca bertahun-tahun lalu waktu umurku enam, tujuh, dan delapan tahun. Aku ingat saat pertama kali membaca buku-buku itu dan kadang bisa berkhayal jadi kecil lagi dan segalanya baik-baik saja”

The Suitcase Kid

by Jacqueline Wilson

This was taken from one of my favorite children’s book Author’s book -well that’s confusing- Jacqueline Wilson.

The Suitcase Kid is about a 10 year old girl, Andy, that has to deal with her parent’s broken marriage. The picture perfect of a little girl suddenly turns into everything she never wanted. She has to move from one house to another alternately as the final custody said for both. Mom and Dad already have new family with new siblings for her to adapt with. The suitcase kid she is, making her missing the beautiful past every child would ever long for. The happiness that she thinks she won’t get in the present time.

I took a bit of monologue from her, and it draws my attention on how she deals with her problem, her unhappiness. She take a step back on the type of book she reads. Just so she can feel the same pleasure when she was younger. That was what reminded me of psychological terms I’ve learnt, that is, Regression.

According to Freud, the founding father of psychoanalysis, Regression is a defense mechanism that revert the ego to earlier stage of developments instead of facing the problems in a more adult way. It could be temporary or long-term response. The defense mechanism of regression, in psychoanalytic theory, occurs when thoughts are pushed back out of our consciousness and into our unconscious.

So, people who use this mechanism could act back to their childhood/teenage responses, that way they think it’d help them coping the situation. Andy has her most happiness moment right before her parent’s divorce, so then she reverts the type of books she reads in order to help her cope the situation she faces after the divorce and stuffs. And here we call it Regression. In Andy’s case, it’s just a temporary response, thankfully. 

Anyhow, have you ever experience this kind of situation? not the divorce, but the moment that makes you unconsciously use Regression? 🙂


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