I AM impressed

I finally watched I AM last week after a quiet struggling process on buying the tickets online, lol. Together with my sisters who have recent interest on kpop, we witnessed most of SMTOWN members on and off stages all in the packaged of movie named I AM.

I AM movie poster


The movie itself has made quiet a buzz before it’s released in Indonesia. It’s not only because this is SMTOWN members we are talking about whose appeared in it, but also the screening were only for three days, with pretty higher price than the usual movie ticket.

We decided to watch at Grand Indonesia. The studio was opened a little late which made a long line outside the studio, seemed like I wasn’t the only people who’s excited that night. I was really eager to watch this movie, after waiting for a month, I could finally see my lovely boys, SHINee and the rest of smtown members that I followed (I really am an SMtown stan, lol).

The hype was huge; it gave the vibe as in a concert, though it’s not all about on stage performance, which makes the movie even more interesting. The members who starred in I AM were Kangta (ex H.O.T), BoA, DBSK HoMin, Super Junior (excluded Hangeng, Kibum, Kangin and Heechul), Girls’ Generation, SHINee, F(x), and even EXO.

It began with SNSD’s Genie performance on SMTOWN concert in Madison Square NYC. It was really cool, as this was my first ever experience watching live stage performance on such a big screen and sound, but they’re also stunning like mad. People started screaming already (I could hear fan boys, lol). The whole movie contained many video footages from their auditions to their debut days, and to how they are now, performing on smtown concert in NYC, included the back stages. It was heartwarming yet funny to see all those smtown kids used to be. They were much younger and in a total opposite with they are now. Through all those footages we could really see how hard they’ve been working to be the world stars everybody loves, even in America, a place where they could only dream of being on the stage before but now even people on America’s street couldn’t help to not ask for their photos and autographs.

It was amazing to be able to see their journey to glory, which was definitely not easy. Passing the audition was only the beginning, it took years to finally make debut as kpop stars, and it’s not even a certain decision. They still have to wait and hope they could be the next artist to debut among tons of trainee in the academy. They’ve got to keep going, to survive and win against all other debutant artists, whether it’s junior or senior. Being a kpop star is a total suicide, I may say harshly. Dream is the only thing that can make them keep going, because they have to sacrifice their youth (as in doing what other teenagers or even kids usually do, like attend graduation ceremony or even hanging out) to be idols. They may have the least time to spend with family in such young age, with friends, or even with themselves.

It was crazily good. I AM has the glitz, the joy, the struggle, the hardworking, the tears, the proud. All in one movie. It’s, I guess, beyond my expectation. I was enjoying every moment of watching that movie while hoping that it wouldn’t have to end so soon.

I can totally relate on the part of dreaming. Should not stop before you succeed and get what you dreamed of so long, or, if you think your dream isn’t worth your while anymore, change it, find another dream to achieve. Just don’t stop dreaming, for that is the only thing that will keep you alive. Living your dream simply means that you are becoming somebody, the I AM that you wanna be, that you are destined to be.

So, be that I AM! 🙂


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