Reason why I want an older brother.

These words are taken from Yasuko to Kenji, a japanese drama that I’ve been watching till now. It’s a story of two siblings living their life while communicating each of their feelings.  In a set of a too protective older brother and a teenage little sister with a huge age gap in between. With no parents to take care, both of them looking after at each other with their daily problems.

I adore this older brother, Oki Kenji. He is so brave and have a strong love and care for his sister, Oki Yasuko. Despite his strict and temperamental side towards Yasuko, he’s actually a true gentle man. This time, I took a scene -maybe a spoiler here- when Yasuko’s crush (Tsubaki Jun) was going to study abroad because of his father’s request. Yasuko were told by his father to told Jun to just go when actually her heart is breaking inside. Kenji never approves of Yasuko liking Jun, but see how he does for his sister’s feeling’s sake.

“Youngster (Jun), it’s true that, Yasuko isn’t very smart, she isn’t a looker, and she makes eggs salty.

She is carefree, slow, and stubborn. I don’t know what to do with her.


She is a great woman. She is the world best woman.

She doesn’t care what pains she go through if it’s for the man she is in love with.

Just being able to meet you, has made her happy, she said, as she held back her tears.

That is why I can say that she’s the best woman!

You know, she is incomplete because she is fallen in love with you.

To Yasuko, having fallen in love with you has made her happy. Even though it’s painful, it’s the best thing in the world!

You answered, if you weren’t happy, I won’t forgive you.”

Oki Kenji may not be the perfect older brother everyone’s wanting to have, but he is absolutely doing his role as a brother with all his heart out. :’)


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