To be or not to be, love is already in the air

I have talked about this dorama before, if you keep in touch with this blog, you may know! B-) yes. yes. that’s right! It’s Yamanade!!

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. The story revolves around four popular college boys and one girl. You may think it’s some kind of typical for a Japanese drama, but not until you see how the girl looks like. It’s not ordinary girl, it’s Sadako-like girl. Let me remind you, Sadako is a popular ghost character from The Ring movie. Anyway, these four boys have different charms that makes them popular, the most popular one is Takano Kyohei, which makes him the main male character here. While the rest are Toyama Yukinojo, the cute one, Oda Takenaga, the calm and classy one, and Morii Ranmaru, the womanizer. 

These four boys live together in a big castle-like house that belongs to a single mother with one kid that also happen to be the Sadako girl’s Auntie. This landlord is very busy as she is a successful business woman. She travels all over the world almost all the time, leaving her child alone with the boys and Sadako girl. We actually watch the story from this 6-year-old son’s point of view, which the name is Takeru.

Nakahara Takeru

One day the owner, Mrs.Nakahara, has a surprising mission to these four boys. A mission that costs nothing but a free rent. They might be popular, but not all rich –unlike F4-. So, it’s very tempting to succeed the mission. But, they may think twice before they say yes when they know the mission is almost like impossible. They have to turn her niece, Sunako, into a lady (Yamato Nadeshiko: “personification of an idealized Japanese woman”). So, the journey begins.  

Through this mission they start to know the sadako girl, like how Sadako she is. She never talks to a male except her cousin. She likes to wear black robe, with her long hair falls down to her back. She likes scary stuffs. So scary that you may think she is a freak. Even her bed are made of coffin, she sleeps there every night. She is definitely a socially awkward even like sociophobic. She can’t take the beauty of a face from mostly all people in the world; she will scream “Mabushi!!” (Dazzling!!) and smack people with her head.

Only in the first day, these four boys already feel hopeless. Even so, for the free rent’s sake, they decided not to give up on this mission and start making plans to make it happen.

Popular foursome and Horror-girl Sunako

As the journey goes, the popular quartet find themselves changing within changing Sunako into lady. Kyohei who has pretty dark background because of his looks has to deal with the girl who actually suffer with the same reason. Through this mission, Kyohei and the rest of the boys get to know Sunako and are also able to know their own selves while trying to know Sunako. And from there, each of them start feeling more assured with the way they are. Like, it’s fine if Sunako doesn’t change into lady. That realization makes them rethink about changing Sunako into someone that is more acceptable by society. I think, they all are able to change because each of them never told any of them to change but to accept them for who they are. They trust each other and wait. 

This drama is taken from the same titled manga. So, the genre is really manga-like, with super overacting yet funny scenes. Even though I found the reason behind this sadako act are a little too dramatic, but well, the cruelty of society makes it acceptable enough. And I think the message this drama is trying to deliver is pretty well executed. The friendship that is built along the drama and maybe a little love spices are naturally enjoyable. As the theme song brings [LOVE YOURSELF – KAT-TUN], the main point is about Loving yourself, be happy of whoever you are. Because it’s just not as important, how other people thinks about you, as what you think about yourself. Looks don’t guarantee happiness. Because here, we have Kyohei who suffers of his stunning looks, and Sunako who shut herself in because she feels ugly. As long as you’re happy with yourself you should not bother about other people’s point of view. Accepting your true self will make you find possibility to change to your better selves. And it will also be easier for you to love others the way they are. 🙂 

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