What is to stop?

One Piece

I guess nothing will ever stop Luffy from trying to get what he wants. Even after he has been crushed, poisoned, hurt, and almost on the state of dying, He will just bounce back to fight for what he thinks is right, for everything he has put his heart on. And ultimately, for his brother, Ace.

Limit. That is what makes us stop sometimes. What is limit? Beyond our power, our ability to do things. We just can’t do it anymore. so we decide to stop. we put out the limit. Limit ourself from doing more. fight more. try more.

A man with huge will. A man with a crazy mental strength. See how strong the mind of self works. Mind to conquer the world and heart to win friends and family. Luffy is cool like that! ❤


2 thoughts on “What is to stop?

  1. He is cool isn’t he?! xD It’s so true. We tend to limit ourselves while we actually can do everything if we just believe. We shouldn’t stop until the real end. We shouldn’t stop living until we truly die. You are cool, little sister! ;D

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