2012 is in town

I was about to write the opening post to start off the year on 2011, but I gave too much thoughts to it, so it’s left unwritten in the end of the year. Therefore, for 2012, I will say a simple greeting as this blog has gone for its third year now 🙂

Hagu welcome 2012

If 2010 is a year of trying new stuffs, then 2011 is an adjustment to that new stuffs. I was entering new environment, social status in specific account, and turned down my biggest dream to something that I never realized I would become.

I think for the best thing happened in 2011 is that I (maybe) finally got a life, for 2010 is the year of fangirl-ing to me, lol. I guess that’s also the reason why I made a lot of posts in 2010. ‘Friends are precious thing’ is something I realized about last year. I found the fun of making friends, and encouragement to dare trying things that I was so doubtful and shy about before. I took it as a good thing 🙂

2011 has ended as the 2012 begin. My only wish is that I can always make a progress on being the better self in every aspect. As a blogger, still, my very wish is to make much more posts that will bring smile, something to learn and at its best, to inspire people to be better as well. 

2012 is now in town , so treat them well people! 😀

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