Rumah Dara(h)

Rumah Dara

Yes, I watch this kind of movie too. ^^v

It’s a thriller movie, from Indonesia? yes!

Coming from a short indie movie in 2008, DARA was making it to the theater in 2010 with the title RUMAH DARA (int: MACABRE) A lot of positive review  for DARA was what encouraged Mo Brothers to made it again. Before it was aired in Indonesia, it’s already screened at international festivals and got pretty good feedbacks . And now you can see why that I got really attracted to this movie? Indonesian first ever thrillerslasher movie! Even the official web seems ‘interesting’

I was planning to watch it on the theater with my sister, but i was on my senior year, so yeah busy studying and all. Then, a year later I watched it at home with my sisters on the VCD! Horror night baby! 😀 (to note: it’s got banned in Malaysia and got 18+ label for sure.)

The smile didn’t last long, lol.

I closed my eyes for almost along the movie.

All I can say is COOL. the bloods the effects and the act of Dara by Shareefa Daanish, really deserves an award! and she indeed got it 🙂

go go watch it dear all movie goers, especially those who like thriller and bloody films.

to tell you shortly about the story: A group of friends in a car are about to go to Jakarta from Bandung at night. Suddenly a girl appear before their car, and stop them immediately. This girl claim to be just robbed, so she asks them to take her home, where she said it’s not so far away from there. Once they get confused of to help her or just leave her as she’s a stranger, but the pregnant woman (Sigi Wimala) in the car, feel pity so they decided taking her home. There they go to the house of Dara, which in here Dara is the mother of the house, and this girl Maya is her daughter. They’re actually just gonna drop her off then leave, but one of them is attracted by Maya, and cannot resist when Dara offer them dinner, so once again they agree with the pregnant wife to stay and rest a bit before having long way to Jakarta. That is when they make a wrong decision. Only the younger sister (Julie Estelle) of the husband’s pregnant woman (what is his?!) who feels uneasy about the house and the family living there. Yet if you see them you will not say they’re normal family. since they all are too beautiful and classic, also the language they use is rarely in polite style.

You will only find out what is in the house, few minutes after it begins.  So, enjoy the nice 30 minutes of the normal living before the bloody war invade your soul.  Rumah Dara, is one of the house where once you come in, to come out is a struggle. Lesson learned is you just don’t eat foods from stranger, okay?  😛

so, keep looking forward to Indonesian movies, especially this kind of genre. It will start to fill the theater. Try searching for Impetigore, or Modus Anomali, and perfect House too. ;D OH and I heard Pintu Terlarang is also great!

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