Finally, I’ve finished watching Yamanade yesterday night ^^ after a couple of months! Who knows watching 10 drama episodes would take this long.

Maybe I’ll write about the review later, as for now, the quotes! One of my favorite:

“But, Takenaga, if you don’t do something because you’re scared, things will end up with you being scared. You need to go out and take some action. It’s like going to the pool for the first time in the summer. At first, it’s really cold, right? But you’ll only get colder if you don’t put your whole leg in. To stop feeling cold, you have to dive in.” (Yukinojo – Yamanade)

These words come from the cutest and seems-like-unreliable boy in the house, Toyama Yukinojo (also known as my boy :p). Japanese drama always try to fool us by using this kind of character. They’re always trying til I get used to this trick and never get fooled :p . Yet it’s still interesting to watch. What you see is sometimes not what it seems, right? This boy reminds me of Kobayashi Yamato, an anime character from The Extra Kobayashi. Looks cute, fragile, happy face all the time and so caring to others, but actually he’s very wise. Many people thought he’s just little boy who knows nothing but happiness, who knows no pain in life. But once you get to know him, you’ll just be surprised by a big heart in that tiny figure. The same reason why I love Yukinojo <3. The kind of character that makes you wanna hug them soo thight that they cannot breathe (just me? lol).


Toyama and Yamato

Okay, so, this quote are told by Yukinojo to his 3 besties, about not to be afraid of what they’re facing, their biggest fear of all time: LOVE. Not to be afraid of admitting their own feelings, to realize and commit the love and its consequences!

Wait, Toyama and Yamato?  haha 😀

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