9 hours journey with Ana <3

I’m happy with the words ‘first time’ because it feels fun and new!

So last week, I had my first time journey to UI, Depok with one of my besties, Ana ❤ Correction, my first time journey by Bus! I used to go there with either car or train, so we went to Balairung UI for “Korean Culture Day”. Thankfully we didn’t get lost :)).

We arrived there at 10.30 am, it took about 2 hours on the way. I met my friend, Jelita<3 for the tickets, and then we entered the building. The seats was all full, while there’s a Taekwondo performance on the stage (it’s cool). We walked around, and watched the performance for a while from the back. It’s almost lunch time, I supposed, since my tummy kept roaring, so we went outside for the foods :9

There’s a bazaar with some stands, and from about 2 metres away, I could hear the melody of Hello by SHINee! sorry, but food could wait, so we went closer to see what’s on the stand. Lots of SHINee merchandise and other groups’, like Super Junior. (well mostly these 2 groups). And we bought pins xD. From the first stand, we moved over to all the stands in there. It was sooo crowded, it took times until we reached the table, loooots of kpop merchandiseeee. Too many good things which made us confused what to buy, and ended up buying nothing, lol.

The banner-the stands-Messages board

So, finally we went to the food stalls. Korean foods were our targets! Kimbab, Tokpokki, and other foods. But unfortunately it all had sold out!! so we ate Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki instead T__T (lol Japanese foods). It’s delicious, but we had to struggle eating it (too many flour?) Teh Poci saved our lives :3. Anyway I finished it faster than Ana. \^^/  After calmed down our tummies, we went to the cloth stand to buy a lovely cat’s jacket which Ana had fallen at the first sight. She finally bought it after some influences she got from me >:D  It’s cute and cheaper than it should be, so it’d be ashamed if we didn’t buy it, right? (she blamed me all the way, but she’s happy after all, so I didn’t care, lol)

The show on the stage was on break time, so we walking around the bazaar, took lots of photos with Donghae and Ryeowook! and also with SHINee. Well.. it’s only the banners -.- but we’re still happy. We didn’t forget to put our marks on the message board. It’s full already, so we only had a very tiny spot to wrote on it.  Then we took a break, pray first~ then bought more pins for some friends :3 and actually I wanted to buy a fan, but it’s sold out. Best stuffs had sold out already. People were fast T^T. Lesson for next time ;). Another thing before we entered the building; we sign up for the Hanbok wearing stand, so we could pose with Hanbok (Korean traditional cloth) with Rp.10.000. It’s my long-time dreaaam omg ;___;  Because it took pretty long time until our turns, so we decided to wait it while watching the show.

can you spot the Jacket? ^^

Finally the show started, we sit on the floor with the other people, on the right side of the stage. It’s pretty far, and my camera had a broken zoom in function, so no good photos quality, sorry u__u. Two mcs began the show, with the slogan “KCD… Daebakiya!!” (which means big hit) after some chit-chats, wonder girls wannabe performed “2 different tears” and “Nobody” on the stage. The outfits really was similar to ‘2 different tears’ they’re awesome, they said they were chosen right by the wonder girls itself, when WG came to Indonesia last time, don’t you think it’s great? 😀

After the opening performance, came on the stage, a singer, Ari with a guitarist, he sang 4men‘s song (I guess). It’s good! his voice was nice to me. well, no wonder he’s the winner of some competitions. Despite the technical error which made the acapella string from the guitar couldn’t be heard, it’s a good performance. The song still remained in my mind til now (:. And Then he performed a duet with female singer, Ninis, she’s also the winner of lots competition. I have to admit, her voice was amaaaazing!! powerful, and their duet was beautiful, once again I have no idea what was the song. Was it just me, or they really didn’t tell the audience about the song title? -,-.

We had got the dancing and singing performance, so now it’s time for the audience to showed off their skills. I guess about 10 people came to the stage, and it’s all girls (girl power ftw >:)) they’re told to dance to any music video that had shown on the screen before.  Before that, I have to tell you,  kpoppers is used to memorize the dances of kpop songs, there’s even a dance version of the mv by the artist itself. So no need to be surprised of their dance skills (well, it’s still amazing). First to show was SNSD Gee, it’s a cute perf, really gee! And the next was SHINee Lucifer!!! Awesomee, we screamed like mad!! I don’t really remember the others, but 2 others that impressed me were, 4minute Huh and SNSD Hoot.

The show’s going with singing performance again, it’s 8Eight‘s song, with the exact same formation as 8Eight. Real talent we saw here :3 Once again technical problems got in the way, the MCs had to took over the situation, but we took the time for photooos xDD. The last show we got was NES, they performed Shock and Breathe by Beast. Another awesome performance!! with all read outfits and diff designs, they looked like real boyband. I couldn’t see their faces so, I could imagine them being one of the kpop group, but not until they mentioned their names, lol.

The pins and that's Chilsung Cider!

Before we finally get going from the show, there’s a Korean traditional music performed, Salmunori. I guess it’s real Korean who performed that. But we didn’t watch it til the end, because we suddenly remembered of our reservation of Hanbok wearing!! And right, it’s closed already!! TT____TT all I could see was the staffs wore it together and took photos with their private camera. it’s so close, but I couldn’t wear it, well maybe next time :’).

Salmunori and Hanbok (it's me who wanted it badly, lol)

It’s time to go home, we went earlier than it should be, because we didn’t wanna take the risk on being home late, since it’s far. Before it, we prayed and took lot more photos xD and we went home safely with lots of experience and story to share!

PS: Tell me if there’s another Korean or Japanese Festival! or any other interesting festival ^^ I’d love to come! Oh btw, we bought Korean soft drink while watching the show. the seller said it was a drink on ‘My girlfriend’s a gumiho’ it’s named “Chilsung Cider” tastes like sprite, with a more soda :9

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