SHINee’s albums

  • First Mini Album “REPLAY”
  • First Album “THE SHINee WORLD”
  • First Repeckage Album “A.MI.GO”
  • Second Mini Album “ROMEO”
  • Third Mini Album “2009, YEAR OF US”
  • Second Album “LUCIFER”
  • Second Repeckage Album “HELLO”

It’s been two years, since their debut. Officially a fan for almost a year now :3 yet I dont have all their albums. I wasn’t intend to buy it, when the first time I like them, not even bother to know how to purchase their songs, appreciate them more, and be a true fan. But now, the more I think about it, the more I realize, this is the time for me to do what’s right, at least for them. In a way, by buying their albums legally. :>

I will, one by one. Not for LUCIFER, because I’ve had it for free (thx to KBSworld ❤ <3) which means saving moneeeeeeeeeey xDD


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