Hunger always do

It’s not that I always have ready food stock in my house, so I oftenly starving even after I already had my lunch or dinner or breakfast.

Sometimes I just let the hunger stay and forget about it, or make something delicious (yet easy) to vanish the devastating hunger away.

It makes me learn another new recipe, so hunger is  not always a bad thing, right?

Yesterday I made Crepes (as my mom‘s advice) it’s an easy cake to made! Just followed the recipe and in 60 minutes it’s ready to be served 😉

All you need are:

150 gram of flour

50 gram sugar

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

200 ml milk

1 egg. mix it seperately

1 fullspoon melted margarine

and for the fillings (it’s up to you actually)

100 gram grated cheese and 50 gram meises

Mix all the ingredients together till it’s blended perfectly. Then pour 1 big spoon of the dough into the pan, make it like crepes (thin and crisp)

before it burns out, pour the fillings on the side, and fold it, so it will be half circle-shaped.  Do it on repeat until the dough is all been cooked.

crepe making

pour the fillings

dont judge it by its looks xD

AAAANND EATING TIIMEEE!! x9 (eat it together with your loved people will make it even more yummy <3)

Recipe’s source: Aneka Jajanan Pinggir Jalan (Sedap) – PT. Media Tata Boga


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