This is what we call sharing.

My first time attending a concert. ^^

I thought I would be standing all along the show, just like any other concert that I usually saw on TV. But we’re not, we’re only standing when the main performance, I mean the main reason why we’re there, came out. Nobody couldn’t stop anybody there. Mostly people ended up standing on their chairs, included me.

5 hours before…

The concert was held at Tenis Indoor Senayan. I arrived there at 3pm, actually the show started at 6.30pm but there’s a lot of people already. So I was waiting outside the hall, with the other premium seater for 2 hours. The staffs were so busy yelling and telling us what to do, like made lines, or don’t do that don’t do this. Sometimes I felt like we’re on the orientation period, lol. Anyway there were some TV station who recorded us, such as Trans TV, TVRI, Arirang and KBSworld. I didn’t see, when Jonathan Mulya from Insert, asking people who’s in lines about what they felt. I could only hear screams.  I should’ve prepared myself for the situation there, concert means screaming. The first scream I heard that day were coming when, SHINee‘s bus passed over to the concert hall. I couldn’t even say a word. It really was new experience for me xD

ngantri sembako lho. percaya deh

Finally we could come in at 5pm. We got the glow stick for free, mine was yellow, my favourite one ^^ The concert hall was full AC, and pretty big. I didn’t expect it would be like that at all. All I was thinking were, it’d be hot and dark and tiring. I was so happy knowing its all the other way around.  My seat was about 4 or 5 metres away from the stage, so it’s pretty close yet still kinda far for taking nice pictures. When we first came in, Mirotic MV was being played on the screen, and as we’re all kpoppers, we’re screaming together, after that Lucifer followed, we’re even doing the fan chants!.  Some mvs were being played until the show finally started (and we’ve already spent our voice to that, lol).

In the hall.

The show started with Traditional Korean Music ‘Sinawe’ at exactly 6.30pm.  It’s nice, but what made us screamed was when this group performed ‘Bengawan Solo’ The male singer, sang on high notes, so it was kinda amazing for man. He reached the highest note at the end, and we’re screaming even louder for them. Yeah, we appreciated them so well.

After first performance, The MCs of the show (that I’ve been waiting for) came out together. From Korea; Adrien Lee (he’s the mc of Showbiz Extra on Arirang) was wearing Batik, and from Indonesia; Nadya, and she was wearing Hanbok. Sharing clothes, right? xD  Girls, I mean most of the audience, screamed for Adrien. And yes, he’s indeed handsome.  They were using english, and they’re pretty well-blended with each other :).

The MCs

The second performance was from Indonesia ‘Padepokan traditional dance group’ or we could say, Bali dance. It was beautiful. Then Some Korean kids brought Saman to the stage! So they were Koreans who lived in Indonesia, I guess. The dance was kinda different without unique sounds that we usually hear on Saman, but it’s cute. The last was from Korean kids choir, they sang Janggeum onara,  while the Jewel on the palace drama was being played on the screen. Our excitement metre were so so high, so we kept on screaming on anybody who showed up on stage. I mean it.

Now it’s time for artists from each country to performed. Gita Gutawa showed us her popular Parasit and Aku Cinta dia‘s songs with cute purple dress. We’re singing together with her, and never forgot to screamed.  Then Naomi came out to sang a duet Wish upon a star with Gita, they’re both great!. Naomi got time to sang solo as well, and she ‘s got such a powerful voice (:.

After female artists, now the men came out. It’s  Son Ho Young (the ex-member of G.O.D) His performance was soo full of energy, he heated up the concert.  He asked us to stand up and jumped together. He even walked out to the audience, and was standing on a chair, among the crowd! 0_o. I imagine if it were SHINee who did that, they must’ve been a dead meat, lol. There’s still one male performer, he was DJ Gu Jun Yeop. All I can remember is he was wearing a pink suit!

People started feeling nervous, because it’s one more performance till SHINee came out. The Dance Company, our Indonesian band, sang two songs, and rocking the stage with their music. We sang along with Papa ga pulang. But At this moment, I felt kinda annoyed by people who’re supposed to be sitting, was standing beside me, and covered the other people’s sight, just because they thougt they saw SHINee beside the stage! 😡 It’s pretty unrespected the dance company who’s performing at that time.

Finally the time for SHINee had come. People felt sooo enthusiastic, and just couldn’t stop screaming. And just like I’ve said, they’re no longer on they’re seats. All people was already standing. Actually I wanted to obey the rules (for kept sitting and stay calmed) but if I did, I wouldn’t be able to see them at all. So I was standing along SHINee‘s performance. And tried to stay calmed (which was failed) while recording the shows. It was kinda hard, and as I see on the videos, it’s shaking all the time. I am such a failure, lol.

the only pic that's pretty clear T_T

First they performed Ring Ding Dong. (Screams metre was on the maximum point) I had to hold my camera up high in the air to recorded it. Then it’s getting crowded, so I had to tiptoed when they performed Lucifer (My hands and feet were shaking because of it) and I ended up standing on someone’s chair (my chair had been used by other person T_T) when they performed Hello, which was the last performance they had that night.

We just couldn’t get enough, even after they had finished, and said Thank you, goodbye and Key said ‘Selamat Tinggal” and “we love you Indonesia” xD But we couldn’t do anything, they must’ve been exhausted for they had such a hectic schedule which made them had to fly to Seoul right away.  So I went straight home, after I bought a drink (my voice a bit worn out, and we couldn’t bring foods or drinks there, mean T_T)  Thankfully the rain poured down when I was on my way back home. xD

kenang-kenangannya :')

PS: I just wanna share my experience on The Korea-Indonesia Sharing Concert, which was held on october 12 2010. Sorry for the loooong report, keke. I dont wanna tell any other infos about what happened to SHINee and so on as the rumours keep spreading around.  Ah! I forgot to mention, there were some Koreans as well on the concert :3 (happy to heard them talking Korean xD)

This is a sharing concert between Korea and Indonesia, so I hope we will have a better relationship and can sharing more than this.  I really enjoyed the show even it was just last for about two hours, I had so much fun already. I wish this show could be much better next time, from every aspects.    See ya! ;D thanks for reading anyway :*

You can see more pictures on my gallery, and for videos you can click  –>


5 thoughts on “This is what we call sharing.

  1. Kereeen! Kayanya seruu yaa.. xD

    Nice report. I’m glad that u were having so much fun 😉

    Tp link videonya kok ga bisa diklik sih? Hrs dicopy-paste.

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