The time when we’re young

“Yes, and what good times we had when we were little,” Laura answered. “But maybe the times that are coming will be even better. You never know.” (Laura – These Happy Golden Years)

Some people said, it is good to be grown ups, for you can do whatever you want without someone told you not to, or scolded you for disobeying the rules. Which means FREEDOM. I can’t count how many things that you can get when you’re older; no longer minor in society. Watching every movies in theater, driving car legally, going to place that only adults allowed, like sleep on 10 is too early for you have always not sleep until it’s time for you to wake up again.  Some people said it’s fun, some people said it’s not entirely fun, it’s tiring and needs a lot more responsibilities, I’m the second one.

I love my childhood, so much. I can’t help by thinking of it for almost everytime I got problems in life.  It’s fun when you don’t have to worry about assignment that much, will always have your parent to protect you from bad guys, playing as long as you wanted, no pimples no worries, whatever you did people would say “they’re just kids after all” just cry and people would feel terrible even if it’s your faults.

I miss those times, and feel like going back to those moments sometimes in a while. And it drives me to be afraid of being even older than I be now.  Scared of not being able to handle even bigger responsibility as an adult. I’ve still got so much to learn so much to know about. There is a child in me who’s craving for happiness. That happiness i felt when I was little girl..  It just that everything used to be less complicated. But you know what, since happiness is something that we can choose, I still am happy even tough in different condition, I am living a happy life altough some scripts that i’ve prepared is being replaced, but by the better ones for sure ;).

Future is sometimes only things that happened following what we do in a present time, yet it still surprises us with its unexpected moments. That what makes life interesting, isn’t it? (Okay, i feel like i’ve been talking nonsense eversince, this is when I have to end it, lol.)

So, just like the quote up there in the beginning, may be we had or are having happy times weather in the past and or in the present time, but we should not be worried of what will we face ahead in the future, since it maybe better than all the times we had. Plus being worried of something that you cannot control technically is just a waste of time (will only add wrinkles of worries in your face ;P). Just do the best you can now for you to not regret things later.

That is what I’m trying and will always be trying to do. Live a happy life you dream of. If you believe it will turn out good in your future, than it will, because you just never know. 🙂 CHEERS!

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