Humming like a bird

It’s time to post another movie review! ^^

It’s a 2008 movie, so for people who rarely watch korean movie, probably haven’t watch this. I heard this movie from my bestfriend, she already told me the whole story, but I still wanted to watch it. So, one day, i went looking for this movie, and watched it together with my sister. ❤


Such a sweet couple

I’ve never been into any relationship that we usually call it being someone’s woman or man. But so far that i’ve seen on many movies and dramas, there’s always a time when they feel tired of each other.  On the saturation point of relationship. It could be the man, the woman, or both of them. So yeah this is what happened in this movie. A story about a man who doesn’t feel anymore excitement about his relationship with his woman. Besides the woman still feel the same way as she did at the first time they met, and keeps showing her love in so many ways that the man barely even bother to realizes that at so many times.

It’s a sad movie? Yes. The story begins when suddenly Mi Yeon get into an accident and cause her in a coma for days, but what strange is Mi Yeon shows up in front of Jun Seo right the next day after the accident.  She comes like nothing happened, and only Jun Seo that can see her.  You must have tought that Mi Yeon has passed away, right? Technically she had, only machine keeps her alive :\

This accident brings Jun Seo back to all his memories with Mi Yeon, wake him up to finally realizes how much Mi Yeon loved him, and always there for him. He only had so little time left until Mi Yeon‘s gonna be officially dead, since her mom’s already signed to donor all her organs if she died. What’s gonna happen until the time come? Will he be able to say love once again to Mi Yeon? im not gonna spoil the story! 😛

To me, this is the big point of the movie: don’t ever waste time by not doing what you should’ve done to someone that you love. It happens a looot in life, don’t you think? We must’ve experienced that at least once, maybe not a person, but things could also be that.  You always have to treat them properly, or you’ll be sorry when you realize that it’s too late already. How could you be soo ignorant to not realized the loove that big! you know,I was so mad at Jun Seo >:|

Anywaaay the title doesn’t have anything to do with the movie, i just feel like it, lol. So if you interested to watch it,  go find –> Humming Kmovie!


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