Let’s talk about food!

I’ve always wanted to eat many kinds of food from all over the world. Because, I am a food lover. :3

The first food that got my attention is SUSHI yes, that famous ricey food from Japan. Ever since i was in junior or maybe elementary school, i’ve always craved for it. But never be able to taste it, even just a bite. ;__;

many kinds of Sushi

The second one is RAMEN. It always looks yummy in a picture, sometimes read mangas that contain food, is a wrong idea when you’re hungry. But i heard some people said that it tastes flat? i dont know, or maybe because indonesian food is so  spicy? well i still want to try it no matter what.


The third food is still from Japan (i guess i read too many mangas, lol). It’s KARE. It looked more spicy than two other foods.  More like GULAI maybe? Kare with rice that’s nice :9

Curry Rice

Let’s move on to the fourth food: TTEOKBOKKI (떡볶이) we have moved to Korea now. It’s a spicy rice cake, that I’ve seen a loot in korean dramas. But then, my friend told me, that it doesn’t taste so good, like nothing but chily. But she said that chesse and tteokbokki will do. Am I a victim of pictures? (Well it’s just an pinion of one person, so im still curious to know :3)

Tempting rice cake

The 5th food is  GIMCHI (김치) you know, it’s a well-known food from Korea! Usually made from fermented cabbage, or radish, and i just knew that it can also be made from onion and cucumber (how will it taste O_o lol)  Korean dramas really affected me with all their cuisins, because it looks all spicy and yummy.

spicy Gimchi

The last food from Korea is JAJANGMYEON (자장면) it’s a black bean paste noddle. Noddle always succesfully make me tempted. Beside of its delicacy, it’s also easy to made. This jajangmyeon had been the most popular delivery food in Korea because of that. So, me, as the food lover would like to deliver it as well.


It’s the 7th food now, right? Let’s go to Mexico now 😉 TACO which is made from wheat tortilla or corn. What i like are the fillings. It contains beef, onion, chesse, vege, seafoods, etc. it’s like anything you want can be found there! :9 It looks so rich with fillings.

Yummy Taco

MISO SOUP bring us back to Japan,  and also the 8th food from the list. It’s a common food that family in Japan usually eat it as a companion dish. Contains with Tofu, wakame(seaweed), and scallion. Sounds simple yet tasty.


I guess that’s all for now! Anyone who read this, would you please send me anything from the list? Thank you before. 😛

PS: I wrote this in so many condition, most of it when i was hungry. (wrong timing! lol) And big thanks to wikipedia and other sources for the pictures and lil bit infos for all those foods. 😉


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